Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Silly Rabbits

Today is June the 6th., 2006, or 06-06-06, or: 666.

If you add three six's together, you get 18, or on down to the base root of 9.

If you add 666 + 666, you get 1332, which if you add those numbers together, you also get 9.

If you multiply 666 x 666, you get 443,556, which if you add all of those numbers together, you get 9 as well.

Now...what does all of this mean? Not a damn thing. It's all BS, just like thinking that Friday the 13th. is bad luck. But there are a lot of sad people in this world that think it DOES mean something. Usually these are the same people that also believe there are such non-existent things affecting your life such as magic, or your daily horoscope.

Usually such things are believed by people who like to blame the government for various problems, or specific politicians, yet few of them ever went out and actively polled for the candidate of their choice, or know what the true political agendas were; they just don't like the man.

They are beliefs held by those who like to blame misfortune in life for their situations rather than themselves and their own personal short-comings, or neglect to make their own lives better, mostly due to laziness.

They are the sort that pray to God to answer all of their problems, rather than remembering that The Lord helps those who help themselves.

They are those who are sad about hunger or poverty in the world, but never actively participate in various programs to help the truely needy, or ever contribute to worthy charities.

Some of them are fully capable of working a regular-type job, but would rather sit on their butts and blame the world for their misfortunes, and collect a paycheck each month from Uncle Sam. And quite a few of them blame all of the problems in the universe on "someone else", rather than ever taking the responcibility of their own actions.

In the meantime, this puts a greater burden on those who ARE helping themselves and their families by holding down a real job, paying their taxes, and contributing to society as a whole. The "middle-class" America (in particular, the lower middle class) takes on more and more of the load in this country every day. The poor get assistance. The wealthy do not need such.

If there was ever a revolution in this country again, it would indeed be led by the middle-class who have grown weary of taking up the slack for others. It would be by the common man; not the begger or the industrialist.

It would be by those who have always played by the rules, and helped themselves and worked their hind ends off just to keep their heads above water in a country where prices continually soar, but wages rarely do.

They are the sleepers of America.


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