Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Rolling Right Along"

There was this movie made way back in 1941 called: "The Devil Commands", and the first time I ever saw it I was probably seven years old. It was shown on one of the three or so channels our old B&W t.v. set would pick up (depending on how one turned the antenna).

All about a scientist (played by Boris Karloff) whose wife dies in an auto accident, and he discovers that one of the experimental machines he's working on picks up the voice of her spirit afterwards. This leads him to grave-robbing and he puts the corpses in these "suits" with these oval type metal helmets with electrodes attached, and has them all sitting around a table.

He then has a medium sit at the end of the table with a similiar helmet on and turns on the power, and a vortex appears in their midst, pulling all of the dead towards the center of the table.

It was a pretty chilling, frightening flick to an eight year old mind, and contained scenes that I never forgot.

Got to see that again recently on AMC and it holds up really well for it's age of 66 years. Pretty much just as chilling (and, yes, a bit disturbing) to me as it was the first time I viewed it in 1958.

Let's see...today I got outside and re-swept my street gutters again for the Brazilionith time since the local water company fixed a major leak under the road right in front of my house. You may recall that they left it in quite a mess, and then it rained that same day resulting in 4-5" of mud in that drain which has taken me now right at a month to get back in order. In fact, they've yet to repave that spot, having filed the hole with gravel and leaving it as such. I've been able to get 99% of the dirt back out and unclog it, but it's a job that I personally shouldn't have had to do.

Recovering from a little boute with some virus that kept me in the fascilities the better part of yesterday. Came home early from work and passed out on the couch for a couple of hours, and had the most realistic dream I've had in a bit. In fact, in the dream I asked someone IF I was, in fact, dreaming, and they told me "They didn't know". I slapped my own arm a few times in this dream and actually felt it. Then my wife called and woke me up. I must have really been tired because that nap didn't keep me from sleeping yet another 9 hrs. last night. Today I feel fine so I guess it was just one of those 24 hr. things.

Some bastard from the local garbage pickup turned me in to the company just becauI'd been throwing away some old wood in my can each week in an attempt to get rid of it. Just some of the warped thinking the locals have. They won't do a thing about a junk yard that's at the end of my property, filled with old cars leaking antifreeze, oil and God-knows-what-else into the ground and our water supplies, but they bitch about wood, which will eventually rot and is enviromentally safe. (If I can ever get moved out of this forgotten area I'll turn that place into the EPA myself and tell them that the town's known about it for years.) Anyway, I can be ingenious about getting rid of scrap wood. I'll just use it as shingles on my old garage. The wood on the sides of it has to be at least 70 years old and will no longer take to paint, but new shingles will, so there's where I'll use them.

And I had to work from 1-5:30 PM today; a "1/2" day. I really hate those. I'd much rather work from 8AM till 1PM and get off and be able to get something done with the rest of the day. As it was we were pretty busy still with customers, plus my trying to fill the tool section back up , then coming back home to use the riding mower on mom's yard. (I still have to go back down there tomorrow night and finish up the trim work with the push mower).

And lastly, my wife's neice called and told her that she'd finally found that box of old newspapers from the 1940's my late father-in-law had promised me. We're going up there to do some more clean up work Thursday, getting the place ready for the auction oct. 6th., so I'll pick those up then. I'm hoping they're in fairly decent shape still and have some nice Sunday sections with comic pages. If nothing else, they might have some good WWII headlines. I plan on stopping by Waldenbooks and picking up what new comics I want as well.


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