Monday, September 03, 2007

"Some Very Quick Movie Reviews"

"Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig! Does whatever a Spider-Pig does! Can he swing from a web? No he can't; he's a pig."

Ah, yes...The Simpsons Movie. I was pretty amazed that it didn't look like it was just a 3-parter of the regular animated series. But for a prime time cartoon show that's been on since...when? The end of The Civil War now? It was pulled off pretty decent.

The best line in the film was by "The Comic Book Shop Guy". I'm sort'a surprized that there wasn't an appearance by either "Radioactive Man" or "Bart Man", or even a sneaked-in cameo of "The Futurama" gang, but I suppose that's what sequels are for. Naturally I'm giving this a high rating. Maybe not enough to go and pay big bucks at your local theatre, but maybe. Probably a good "date" flick. (Geez, what IS a "date" flick anyway? Been so long I can't recall having been married almost 20 years.)

I'm afraid I don't have as many kind words regarding the "Stardust' flick, though. It's been a good ten years since I read the original material on which this Neil Gaiman story is based upon, and these days don't have a complete set of those originals around to do a decent comparison, but I DO know that there's a bunch'a changes from it.

As a fantasy flick, it stands on its own and has a decent story, fine performances and pretty good special effects. It does have some rather funny scenes, intentional or not, when the ghosts make various comments. But worth going to a theatre to see? Just wait for the rental.

Oh yeah...watched part of the first episode of History Channel's "Digging for the Truth". They've got a new guy hosting the show. He's not very good at all, or, I should say, didn't "impress" me as much as its former host who is out-right a better entertainer.


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