Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"The Back Issue Review"

Okay, I admit it.

I'm a closet Shi fan. In fact, I've read many of the comics that were published by Crusade back in the 1990's, and liked most of them; the various Shi titles, Tomoe, Dogs of War, etc. What stood out for me with Shi (in the midst of many a "bad girl" title such as "Glory", "Avengeline", "Firefox" and all the others) was the clean-line artwork of William Tucci, and the well-defined storylines. His work was very researched and accurate. The coloration of the stories were striking and not over-played. There was more to it that some chick with a sword hacking her way thru myriad villians.

Tomoe was also very good.

About the only thing I didn't like about Crusade was their confusing cover variations. They'd put out a "regular' edition, then a Fan Appreciation Edition (with a variant cover). And when they published Tomoe #1, it was actually Shi The Way of The Warrior #6 as well. In fact, thewre was three different versions of just that book: Shi TWOTW #6 "regular" edition, #6 FA Edition, and #6 aka: Tomoe #1, all of which had identical interiors and indicas.

Demon Gun was another very interesting Crusade title, lasting three issues is chronicled the tale of a western gunfighter possessed with The Avenging Power Of God (pre "Saint of Killers" theme). Although in B&W, the story overwhelmed any art flaws. This series lasted three issues (of which I'm aware).

Regarding some other series that I've just recently read, I got in the full 3 issue each limited series of City of Silence (Image) and Mek (Homage). Both of these series were written by Warren Ellis. Although I enjoy his "longjohn" stories of characters such as those in "Stormwatch" and "The Authority", I find myself more drawn to his other work non-related to the superhero field (such as Transmetropolitan), and these two series were far from disappointing. Each set in a futuristic city of some sort. Each deals with future technology.

COS deals with using computors to crack the code to actually communicate with God, and MEK is about using techical enhancements to the body, some of which are deemed illegal for the common person to have due to their dangerous and military developement(aka: "bad" Mek). I was impressed by both series and recommend them as do I all of Mr. Ellis's work. A couple of nice series for a good read to look up in the back issue bins of your local comic shop.


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