Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Beatles and....Image Comics???"

287 Different issues of various IMAGE COMICS! 287! And that's not counting comics from their off-shoot companies; "Top Cow", and the like. Where in the hell did I get that many Image Comics??? When did I ever become a fan of Image? It's not like I never bought any of their books. When they first appeared in 1992, I bought the first few issues of probably every title they were publishing, just to see which ones I'd like. I was buying many comic titles from groups other than DC or Marvel back then; most notably, Valiant and Topps.

The Image titles I found I enjoyed the most were The Maxxby Sam Kieth, PITT by Dale Keown, Tribe by Larry Stroman, & Shaman's Tears by Mike Grell, but I found I could tolerate most of their other stuff, such as WildC.A.T.S., Stormwatch, Cyber Force, and yes, even some issues of Spawn and Youngblood.

I think maybe I started reading more of their titles when such titles as Stranger In Paradice and Bone and Jack Staff came into view under their banner. I do know that 287 is NOT all of them, however.

I've gotten this wild hair to start the reorganization of all of my comics into their seperate publishing companies. Thus far, that number quoted is merely all I could remember without looking over an inventory list.

I decided to reorganize my books after the fiasco of having a couple of guys some months back really screwing over me on a deal to sell probably 2500+ comics on eBay. When I put that to an end and got back what remained of the comics, they had mixed all of the duplication in with the NON-dups, and I had no real good list of everything which had sold to remove those comics from my "collection list" (making said list obsolete). So now I'm undertaking the search for any duplication to remove for selling on my own and trying to one day prepare this collection where I can begin the long task of making a complete RE-listing of it "just to know what I have and don't have", and see if I can get a handle on my grand total. No easy task considering I still estimate that number in the 12K+ range.

But I still don't know "how" I've ended up with so many Image Comics.

Anyway... above you will see two different "Beatles Gum Cards" from the 60's that my old friend of 40+ years, Steve Wright, dropped off for me today. The top one is Card No.116 from the 3rd. series and the bottom is Card No.45 from the Color series. Looking at the Ringo pic makes me wonder if Frazetta didn't use a reverse image of this to do his famous portrait for MAD Magazine (which led to his illustrious painting career).

Well... our 6 inches of snow's about left here. It's warmed up way above freezing. Sounded like a hail storm earlier with all of the ice dropping from the trees on the roof. Maybe...just "maybe" Spring isn't that far away now.


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