Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Day 1 (of 2)"

It would have been nice to have slept in this morning on one of my every-other-weekend-days-off, but I had a plumber that was to come by between 7-8AM to work on my washer. After about an hour's work and $40. later, it was determined that the only real way to completely repair this old machine was to unassemble it partially and remove some filters which have disabled the use of hot water for washing the loads. However...that'd be rather costly, and with this machine being used when I purchased it (a good 15 years or more ago) it wasn't worth doing that, so instead he attached a new hose to prevent the leaking and spraying that it had been doing and it's now still usable, but only with cold water. Which is okay by me as we usually wash everything in cold water anyway. Looks like I'll still get some use out of this old washer for a while before I have to eventually break down and purchase another. But I can't complain about that as I've definately gotten my $50. or "whatever" I paid for back then.

So after he left I went by the local flea market (didn't find anything) and then over to look thru that one comic dealer's stock that I'd previously only sort'a glanced through, and this time I took my inventory list along with me just to prevent my purchasing any duplication.

There were a few minor comics in this lot that I'd liked to have bought but considered them well over-priced, and I stayed with issues that were in the $2. or less range, purchasing a total of 24 total for about $1. averaging per book (some were more and some less).

Mostly it was just comics I wanted to read, but there were a few interesting things in it, such as a Demon Limited Series (DC/1987) #2 (with the "error" cover) that I needed in my set, copies of DC's limited series from 1994, Zero Hour #'s 4, 3 & 1 (with Ordway artwork), an Eclipse Comics Mr. Monster's Schock! #1 (1987), a Marvel Comics Lee Falk's Mandrake the Magician #1 (1995), a Marvel The Incredible Hulk #355(1989) w/Peter David and Jeff Purvis, a Dark Horse G.I.Joe #1(1995) w/a Frank Miller cover, 3 misc. Marvel issues of Groo (from the late 80's), a DC Green Arrow Limited Series #3(1983) w/Von Eeden artwork, a DC Green Lantern #13 (2002) w/a Kevin Smith script, an issue of Fury of Firestorm #44 from DC (1986), pus a little handful of others including one comic that would bring much joy to someone such as my old pal "Johnny Bacardi" due to it's combinations of artists. It's a copy of DC's Mystery In Space #113 from 1980, with a Joe Kubert cover and interior artwork, plus the likes of Michael Golden, Trevor Von Eeden and Jerry Grandenitti (shown ABOVE).

Returning home I decided to start the loads of laundry and filled the washer, only to remember that my wife wanted it straightened back out and sat as it was originally before pulling it out from the wall to work on...which was a big mistake since I didn't have the plumber help me do this before he left. I over-strained and pulled a muscle in my back and now that's hurting like krazy. When will I learn...


At 5:22 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

I think I used to have that issue of Mystery in Space back in the day...


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