Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Back Into The Norm"

In this week of the aftermath of my father's death, our lives have started getting back to normal.

I went back to work the day after the funeral (last Friday) and worked straight through until yesterday. My mother went back to her library job Monday as well. She's holding up pretty good. After over a year of living alone its prepared her somewhat for this situation, and she's always been a independant type, so I don't worry as much about her being there by herself. Of course, I live only three houses up from her on the same street and keep in contact with her every day and visit often.

During the course of this past week I've seen many relatives that I haven't seen (literally) in over 20 years. including a second cousin that I always joked about being my "twin sister". And the out-pouring of affection and sympathy from hundreds of friends and relatives and co-workers of the family has been quite over whelming. I can only hope that I can make just a small impression compared to what we've received from others and affect their lives in a positive manner as did my dad.

In other things...

We contacted our insurance company regarding this leak we have over the kitchen area to see if they would pay any at all in its repair and were very pleased (and VERY surprized) that they are! In fact, they're giving us enough to cover 90% of this damage which will leave us enough in savings we've put back for home repairs to cover doing the interior ceiling panels as well. Just shows the difference in ones' insurance companys. Previously we had Planter's Insurance...Now we have Farm Bureau (a highly recommended company).

Last evening the man who will be doing the repairs came by and we got up on the roof over this area and laid down a tarp until he can catch up with his current job and begin on this work. Things may finally be coming along a bit on our home here after 7 years of living in this particular place.

My first day back at work was just what I figured it would be: VERY hectic. No one had touched my section of the store in a week which led to my only being able to restock about half of what I needed. Plus I had some items that we sell already assembled and those had to be reassembled and replaced. Add that to trailer sales and "what-knot" it took the entire day to complete what I could. In fact, I wasn't even scheduled originally to work Friday but had asked my boss if I could come in and at least order tools for my section, and was scheduled to leave at 1:PM. 1:PM came and went without my being caught up and I stayed until closing, finally getting most of what I needed to restock yesterday when the warehouse reopened after being closed for the weekend.

Read today that artist Jim Mooney had died, which is yet another of my favorite creators from the silver-age of comics gone. Although he did such a multitude of work over the years on so very many titles ("The Defenders", "Omega the Unknown", "Amazing Spider-man", "Dial H For Hero" in House of Mystery,etc.,etc.) I remember him best always on the backup "Supergirl" stories in DC's Action Comics which I read many, many of growing up in the 1960's. Yet another sad loss for the comic fans.

And this afternoon while I'm off from work I'm to take my mother to the social security office in the city where my regular comic shop is, so I'm sure there's going to be some reviews of sorts here soon since I'll be stopping by to look through the new (and back) issues. I also have several eBay auction wins that'll be coming in to comment about, so's...


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