Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"In Loving Memory"

This blog is closed this week in respect and loving memory of my father, William E. Puckett (April 2nd.,1920- March 24th.,2008) who passed away yesterday after a lengthly and agonizing year of failing health and alzheimers.

Dad died quietly Monday afternoon at 1:45 P.M., with myself and his wife (my mother) by his side. Had he lived yet another couple of weeks, he would have been 88 years old on the 2nd. of April, and he and mom would have had their 65th. Wedding Anniversary on April 8th..

My father was a man of little education, but a very hard worker who always provided for his family. In his many years he did everything from shoveling coal, to working on farms, delivery milk and working countless hours at a gas station, to driving a taxi. His final job was as an employee for the local water company for 21 years from which he retired. Even so, after retirement he worked odd jobs and mowed yards. He never failed to keep a roof over his family's head and supply them with the essentials of life.

He was an avid square-dancer, loved to bowl and fish, and was never one to just sit around and do nothing with his life. It was very full with not only his own activities, but the love of his family and many, many friends.

We all grieve in our own ways. To my mother and myself it began a year ago when alzheimers took what we always knew as a loving husband and father from us. Still, it makes it no easier.

He will be very missed.

May you rest in peace now, my father.


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