Thursday, March 13, 2008

"At Least DELL Tried"

Super Heroes #1 came out in the latter part of 1966 with a cover date of 1/67, and it was one of those titles trying to ride the fame of the Batman-Adam West t.v. series. (If you'll click onto the link Here it'll give you more information including the writer and artist credits.)

There was only four issues of this published by Dell Comics, shortly after their divorce from Western Publications, so by the end of 1967 this title had gone its way.

It was the tales of four teenagers who accidently had their minds transfered into super-powered android bodies. Just another rather drab title among the scores of other super hero books trying to cash in at the time, but one I remember well as a teenager. There's an odd scene, one panel in fact, at the beginning of the first tale in issue #1 where these teens are at a "Dell Museum", and they're looking at these statues of other Dell characters: "Nukla", "Kona" and "Toka the Jungle King". It was like the writer wanted to remind anyone reading this comic that Dell had already gotten into publishing original characters, superhero or otherwise, before the whole craze began.

Perhaps the best super hero title this company published in the 1960's was Nukla, greatly reminiscent of Charlton's "Captain Atom" and with similiar powers. That series, as well, last about 4 issues before oblivion, as did their other tries such as "Frankenstein", & "Dracula", and even a one-shot super-powered "Werewolf". Truthfully, there were only three issues each as the first issue of these titles were the classic Universal Pictures versions before their revamping into heroes.

On the cover of Super heroes #1, the blurb reads: "The FAB 4", which "almost" got me to add it as a side notation to my "Beatles & Bizarros" blog site (almost, but not quite enuff for such an esoteric reference).


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