Monday, May 05, 2008

"Last Day of Vacation=Comic Reviews and Misc."

Justice League of America #20 was a pretty decent tale. All about Wonder Woman wanting The Flash to be more active in The JLA, and he telling WW that with all that's gone on with him lately, including the myriad events of his family life, that it was difficult to participate "that much" in the team. Even so, he managed to help capture "Queen Bee" and release her mental control over a large number of drones, and in the end, the two came to terms. This title still delivers to me: "A"

Supergirl #24: an issue I'd missed and went back to pick up in the run had Superman taking his cousin out into space to observe life on krypton before its destruction by watching the light from the planet as it passed through space, much as we see a star which may not still exist but due to its distance we still see its light as well. We see Supergirl's folks as well as Supermans, and she's reminded some of "why" she was sent to Earth in the first place. The story was good enough, but it sets me to wonder, as always, what with Krypton having so much advanced technology the reasons they were unable to save their people or believe Jor-El of its oncoming destruction in the first place. Even so, this issue gets a "B".

In my most current issue of this series, #28, Supergirl tries to enlist the help of "The Resurrection Man" so that she can keep her promise to that child she made some issues back to cure him of cancer, thus saving his life. She finds she'll need the assistance of the scientist that gave RM his ability originally, and busts him out of prison, and as this issue concludes we see Superman (aka "Clark Kent") in a rather pissed off mood due to her doing that. Overall, another "A" issue.

The above photo scan is of this year's Easter Seals. Right purdy. Shame you can't tell that they have metalic backgrounds but it didn't come across on the scan.

And Sunday was rather uneventful for me. Had wanted to go see "Iron Man", but I really hate to go alone to see some movie and with no one else available for company today. So instead I tried to catch up on some house chores and, since the riding lawnmower is still not repaired, I used the push mower on the entire back lot, then went down to my mom's and mowed about 80% of HER back yard as well before I needed to refill the gas tank. But then, it wouldn't restart and stay running. After removing and trying to clean the spark plug numberous times I finally gave that up for the day, resolving tomorrow to purchase a new plug. I added some top soil to her flower garden as she's requested and planted a couple of flowers for her, came home and took about a 2 hour nap due to all the exertion from pushing (shoving) that mower all day through grass as thick as shag carpeting. (Then today I got a couple of new plus, fixed the mower and in 2 more hours that job was finally done.)

And, over on Johnny Bacardi's blog, he's playing a little Q&A game with collectors. We're "supposed" to link to five other people, but...) Anyhoo--

There's these three questions one's supposed to answer:

1) What's the first comic you remember reading?

2) What comic made you realize you might be in for the long haul

3) What one comic or run or comics if you were stuck on a desert island would you want to have to read?

Actually, I've answered two of these questions over the years save perhaps the second one. The answer to No.1 is "The Story of Jesus" 3 Camels cover version published by Classics Illustrated is the earliest comic in particular I can remember reading, even though I'd read or at least looked thru many, many others before that due to my brother who was 6 years my elder buying comics, mainly Superman titles, Disney & Archie's.

The answer to No. 3 would be, once again, Classics Illustrated (the whole run) as it combines both comic books and literature.

The second question is NOT as easy to answer, but I think it must have been one of those Super Comics reprints from the late 1950s-early 1960's. Maybe it was one with Plastic Man, or The Spirit, or The Blue Beetle, or Dollman. Or maybe it was those extremely early "Legion" stories in Adventure Comics, or Superman in Action Comics, or those pre-hero Marvel fantasy tales. For me to pin-point an actual moment in my life that I knew I'd always be interested in comics is near impossible, but I'd say it was a combination of them all. One comic does stand out, though, and that was Fantastic Four #11 with the "Visit w/The FF" and 1st. "Impossible Man" stories.

I was sort'a surprized by an eBay win last night. I was looking through the "full runs" section and came across a run of the 1960's Marvel Spotlight #'12 thru 33(last issue) and placed a minimum bid only to win it! That's a 22 issue set which includes a full run of "Son of Satan", along with such other ditties as the first solo "Moon Knight" issue (and 3rd. app.), the first app. of "Spider-Woman"(and the cover used on the Marvel U.S. postage stamp), plus "The Scarecrow", "The Warriors Three", "Night Fury", "Deathlok", etc. Geez. Since I have a few others before #12 I might try to complete that run sometime! I also got 3 misc. early issues of Image's powers I needed (#'s 2-4), and I believe that I only need maybe less than 10 issues now to finish that run of 37 issues + an Annual.


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