Friday, May 02, 2008

"Mid-Vacation Ramblings"

I've been reading thru these misc. issues of Powers I won recently just because I heard it was good stuff. Damn! They ARE good! Why didn't anyone tell me this??? (Oh, okay...people have and I didn't listen.) I've read 15 or so issues that were published by both Image and Icon/Marvel, and it looks like I'll be going for more of these, although I'll probably just opt for some TPB reprint collections (especially the first one). Really recommended work by Bendis and Oeming.

In a related story regarding the original artwork for Amazing Fantasy #15, publisher Greg Theakston posted to the Yahoo comicart-1 group that he knows where the original artwork to the origin story in Fantastic Four #1 resides!


"The origin story to the F.F. was reprinted in the first FF annual. The Torch figures were whited over and the more modern version was substituted. The pages were then placed in storage with the rest of the book. In 1971 it, and a mess of other stuff was stolen from the warehouse and offered for sale at Phil Seuling's July 4th con. A friend of mine bought them not realizing that they were not Jack retelling the story years later, but the real deal. They reside here in New York City. I have not seen them."

Now isn't that just wonderful to know that "somewhere" these treasures still exist and haven't been completely lost to time? By the way, speculation is that perhaps it was Steve Ditko himself that donated the AF pages and the tale of where the donater alledgely asked Ditko "if it was okay first" if he could give The Library of Congress the artwork, may well be a bit of a cover-up (perhaps just to protect Ditko's privacy). There's been other names from the comics' industry mentioned as well, but we'll never know unless that information is finally (if ever) made public.

And here on my 4th. day of vacation I haven't done much (for a change), save go get my paycheck from last week and deposit that, stopped by the flea market and bought a couple of individual Beatles' 45 RPM's (one from Lennon and the other McCartney), then back to the house to relax. Looks like I'll wait until Sunday afternoon to see "Iron Man' as the first showing of this locally is at 8:P.M., which means it'd be fairly late before I'd get back home. Waiting until Sunday will thin out the crowds and get me home a lot earlier.


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