Thursday, May 01, 2008

"The Vacation Continues"

In a follow-up to my previous post regarding The Library of Congress acquiring all of the interior artwork to Amazing Fantasy #15, HERE now is an update. Click onto the pages and bring them up-to-size and I'm sure you'll see some interesting tidbits. Like a partial showing of one of the fantasy tales that was a back-up in this issue. Plus, on the "splash" page, it appears that Ditko was unsatisfied with either his penciling or inking of "Sally's" face (due to the use of white-out). "vacation" continues.

I didn't get to Elizabethtown to buy any new comics today. Both my wife and I were so tired from work (her usual job and all the things I did around here the day before) that we stayed pretty close to home. Instead, we went by the local flea market (didn't see anything), one place to get some potting soil, another to get some new flowers to plant, another to get some Quite-Crete, a few groceries, a couple of yard sales, went out to eat lunch, then back home.

Returning here I first attempted to repair the curved latis over our walkway that was literally falling apart. Finding this unrepairable I cut it off at the bases, left those, and then repainted everything with a fresh coat of white. We then put "shepherd's hooks" on either side of that with hanging baskets of flowers.

We planted many new flowers this time, opting for a variety of different types and different colors, and buying ones that we previously never had around the house.

Then my wife wanted me to reset one of the clotheslines outside, the post that is, which had started leaning over the years making the line droop.

We rarely ever hang up our laundry that way and just use the dryer, but it is handy for large sheets and the like to give them a fresh air smell, so it was break up the old concrete with a sledge and dig all of that out, deepen the hole a bit, mix new concrete and reset/support the pole.

And, that's all for today. Actually, I'm pretty much caught up on all the chores I'd planned on doing, and all I have planned for the rest of the week is going to see the new "Iron Man" flick tomorrow and "Free Comic Book Day", Saturday.


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