Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Post No. 497"

Found a like new copy of the DK volume of Batman: The Ulitimate Guide to The Dark Knight at the flea market today for a buck. Pretty neat book. Nice sections on things like his origin, his villians and comrades, the Bat-Cave, The Batmobile, his utility belt, etc., etc. Even a time line of Batman's history from GA to current in the back. About 150 pages and over-sized, hardcover. Not sure if I'd ever want to collect others volumes in this series (Superman, JLA, etc.), but this one's pretty good.

Just finsihed mowing most of the yard. Grass a good 5 inches tall again and rain in our forecast for tomorrow so I thought I'd best get that done tonight although I did work my regular 9 hr. shift today.

Won a copy the the 1960's DC title, The Secret Six #1 today, cheap. Never cared much for the interior artwork on this title but it has a pretty decent and unusual cover for the era in which it was printed. One of those odd, black covers, with the logo in the center of the artwork. Of course, DC's done a recent version of this SA group.

One more day until I get a day off. Monday when I go pick up my repaired t.v. set, I think I'll haul off one last huige bunch of cans to the recyler for my mom, and then, stop collecting them completely. I've done this since 1980 and dare say I've recycled at least a quarter of a million cans over the years.


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