Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Post No. 574"

Recently, a fellow Beatles' enthusiasm from Italy named Fabio Schiavo sent me a extremely long list of various Beatles' appearances in, not only comics and magazines published in the USA, but from all over the world! This is such a long list (printed out it'd be 19 pages long!) that I hesitate to post it over on my "Beatles & Bizarros" blog site (or, at least the entire thing as the USA app.'s would have me duplicating the listing until I can find the time to do some editing to the thing). However...for anyone that's really into seeing all of these listed you can email me at: and I will forward the list to you for your inspection. Remember, these are not just the comic book appearances but magazines, paperbacks, trade paperbacks, "what-have-you" on this list (something like 750 of them!), so be prepared for such a lengthly email upon your request.

He's going to send me some of the particulars to these app.s as well, which may shorten the listing when it is posted (as I don't include advertisements or the like or recognize them as a true app. of "The Fab Four").

I saw where distributors will be sending comics to Barnes and Noble to sell at a $3.99 cover price, something that's already been done at Waldenbooks (and the reason why I don't buy any comics there anymore). So, if you're a variant collector, that could get pretty costly.

Went to the 25% off sale at my reg. comic shop today. Didn't have a whole lot of extra cash to spend, but still managed to let go of $50. or so. In the older stuff I got three comics: Weird Science-Fantasy 26 (EC/1954/Special UFO issue/Crandall, Wood, Orlando, Evans, & Feldstein art), Sgt. Fury #5 (Marvel/1964/Lee & Kirby/1st. "Baron Strucker"), & Green Lantern 16 (DC/1st. "Star Sapphire"). Got one bronze book from '73, which was Boy Commandos (DC) #2 (which completed one of the misc. 70's Kirby DC sets), and in modern stuff I picked up Jungle Girl Season 2 #1 (Dynamite) as well as the issues up to #560 I wanted of The Fantastic Four by Millar & Hitch. (Oh yeah. I also got in a run of DC's The Question 1-19 & Annual 1 that I'd won on auction.).


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