Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Post No. 681"

Finally today I've got my pc back up and running after about 3 weeks or so awaiting my computer-guy to come by and zero it out and reload my Windows XP.

I worked on it personally for a good 3 hours or better reloading the XP Service Pack 2, my printer and camera, re-entering all of my e-mail addresses, getting back my favorites and the like. Everything seems fine now except that I can't seem to get Will Goble's email to go thru so, Will, if you're reading this, drop me a line, please.

And, as well, this weekend I finally got through all of the boxes of comics around here, seperating them out into older stuff (25 cent or below cover price) to modern, to what I was still keeping as either what I'll consider my current collection and/or books I want to personally sell in some future date on eBay.

So's...I've been pretty busy.

Didn't get to sleep in much either day. Was up at 5:30 AM as usual yesterday. Just woke up and got up since mom wanted to be taken for a haircut early, which I did, then got one myself, and today she needed a ride to church, so...

Haven't seen any new movies lately, however, I did actually get to watch one older film I've always wanted to see at least a little of, which was the life story of the late comedian, Andy Kaufman, titled: "Man in the Moon". Usually, I really don't like Jim Carey flicks, but I'll have to admit that I was VERY impressed with his performance, making it my favorite of anything I've had the stomach to actually sit down and watch. (Previously, the only flick he'd done that I cared any for at all was "The Mask".)

Back to work tomorrow, of course, for two days then off Wednesday and just perhaps I'll get a little rest IF everyone will just let me.


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