Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Post No. 682"

Found the above photo on Facebook and thought I'd post it. There's a lot of memories for me associated with the now gone "Twin City Drive-In".

Built in the late 1940's-early 1950's, it was one of the few completely concrete screens of such I can remember seeing. In fact, the hollow interior housed a few people from time to time, with a door on the top where maintenance could get out and change the floodlights they kept on before and after shows and during intermission.

It closed sometime in the 1980's, I think. I forget exactly when. A lot of us were sad to see it go, but the management had changed hands and all they'd show was x-rated material. Long gone were the days of B-flicks and decent films, and the introduction of cable t.v. and HBO all but destroyed the drive-in theatres. Shortly thereafter the Star Drive-In (located on HWY 31-E near Glasgow, KY.) closed as well and was finally torn down circa 1987-88 . It was the end of a golden era of such things.

Well, I'm off work today, but I knew that i wouldn't be able to just sit around this house and relax. No way can that happen, it seems as "someone/somewhere" always seems to find something to keep me from that. I slept in this morning until 8:30 AM and hadn't been up a good hour when my mom called and said she'd been up all night with a persistant cough and had made an apointment with her doctor at 10:15, so I had to hurry around and get myself together enough to take her to that.

In the meantime, my wife decided she wanted to go over to see my Aunt Mary, and couldn't get her van into reverse so she tried to drive it around through the back yard and out the other driveway. This works when the ground is either dry or hard as a rock from the cold, but an extremely bad idea when the ground is like a sponge from our rains here today and, naturally, she got stuck. So I made her just wait for me to get mom back from the doctor, who wanted her to go to the hospital for a chest x-ray, and when we got through there I came back by a Family Dollar Store and purchased 5 bags of dirt-cheap cat litter to put under her tires. One of the tires looked low, but it was just from where she'd spun it into a rut, so I didn't have to get out the air compressor. And, I gave my wife the keys to my car and had her take mom for her x-ray while I decided how to get her van out of the yard. At the same time, the neighbors from the duplex next door came over to see if they could help, as well as my Aunt Mary and Uncle Jimmy. I had Jimmy get behind the wheel and put it in reverse while the other four of us "rocked" the van enough to get it out of the ruts and he drove it in reverse back through the opening at the very back of our yard that connects to the Family Dollar drive, and, mission accomplished. Then I drove it back around to our street and backed it into the drive (since the reverse started working now that the vehicle had warmed up some). As it was, it only took ONE bag of cat litter (so "Bobcat" now has enough of that to last six months!)

After everyone left I went out to that big dirt pile in the back and inbetween the rain loaded up a couple of wheelbarrows full of dirt and filled back in the yard where there was now holes.

The doctor had called in some cough medicine and antibiotics for mom, plus she had a refill on her potasium and I went and picked that up, and my wife drove on over to my aunts.

Then I called my server because I could receive my e-mail but couldn't send any. I figured I'd screwed up something simple from putting the info for such back into my pc after reloading my XP recently, and sure enough, I had; very something simple that took a few seconds to fix, and now everything on my computer's back up to norm.

Watched the new "Human Target" series on FOX which I found pretty decent. A new episode shows tonight and I suspect I'll watch this on a regular basis IF they maintaine the quality of the episodes. It's based on the DC Comics' character, of course, and I figure we'll see a lot more such adaptations of comic book material what w/DC being owned by Warner Bros. and now Marvel Comics owned by Disney.

Haven't heard anything definate from that buyer on the comic yet. It all depends on whether he can float the loan. IF he can't come up with it I'm at least prepared to start taking photos and listing them myself on eBay. I'll be grabbing the higher priced stuff first for listing.

Temperatures here in S-Central, KY. aren't bad for this time of the year, even with this rain we're at 50 something degrees which everyone needs to enjoy as next week they'll drop back down to those resembling Winter weather. This month's already nearly over so March will be here soon, I hope. And, I'm officially on Facebook now in case anyone wants to look me up under the user name of Dave Puck.


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