Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Post No. 684"

Well...this has been a good day...for a change.

I sold around 3,000 older comics and now have the extra money to pay off a few bills, such as the hospital, ambulance and dentist, and still have some extra to stick back into both my checking and savings' account.

Plus Debbie has been notified that she's eligable for part-time unemployment benefits since she's only getting at her job currently around 20 hours a week. Things are looking "up" again.

Just shows you what having faith in God will do for you. If I'm sounding preachy, I am, but I discovered some time back a thing I always knew but it took a loonnnggg time to get it through this stubborn, thick head of mine. That worrying won't make you happier, solve problems, make you younger or a penny richer. That if something is going to happen, it can. The best thing to do is to decipline oneself to NOT worry about the circumstances of what "could" happen, but strive to make it not. The future is not set in stone. It can be if you just let it. And I say this because you can't just expect God to answer all of your prayers. God's a busy Creator. He's not only the fabric of this universe and any speculated parallel universes that exist, God IS the universe. He's busy keeping gravity working, maintaining the existing of electro-magnetism, and balancing a billion stars. It's all written right there in the book of Exodus when Moses asked by what name he should tell the Isrealites that send him, and the answer was: "I am." This means to simply put it, He exists, and that should be enough for anyone who can open their eyes and try to take in, not just the wonderful beauty of this planet, but the wonders of all that exists. It's mind-boggling. More than our pitiful human brains can assimilate. More than it could be understand if we lived a million life times.

(Don't worry, LOL! I'm not going to pass a collection plate around now.)

Yeah, well, I sort of hated to sell all of those old comic books as a lot, especially since this will definately be the lasttime I ever attempt any collection of a large size. But it was good having them, and I did get to have them for a while and enjoy them, and now they'll be passed on to a whole new generation that will keep this media alive. I envy them. I envy the first time they read an early Marvel comic with a Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Fantastic Four story, or enjoy a Ditko Spider-man, or thrill to an adventure written by Gardner Fox all for the very first time. And, as long as one remembers them, they're never gone. Especially since I've kept all of my trade paperback reprint collections of them in case I ever wish to wax nostalgic on the stories that set in stone any creativeness that I try to imitate in my own work.

Looks like we have Winter moving back in here in the next couple of days. In fact, we had a light dusting locally this morning which stayed around a few hours and was gone. But the weather forecast looks like it could be a lot worse by the weekend. No worries. No one can control the weather; no use bitchin' about it. Just remember that Spring is now less than two months away.


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