Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Post No. 688"

This government decision to charge radio stations such an increased amount towards the end of March appears to me the end of yet another freedom in this country. Local radio stations have already stated they would cease playing music due to this cost. Some are closing completely down. Is this the end of a golden era of enjoyable music? And how many djs and other radio employees are going to lose their jobs here now when this country needs to increase employment rather than add to it?

Well, today's my wife's birthday, born on March 2nd., 1953, she's 2 years, 4 months and 15 days younger than me. Happy Birthday, Debbie!

In other things...Business at work has picked up and we've had some good weekends. Monday's sales even beat last Friday's. People are perhaps a little less frightened about spending some extra cash they've gotten from their tax returns.

I've even won/purchased acouple of lots of modern comics from various auction sites here of late, getting a dozen or so issues of the current Supergirl title that's pretty much got me caught up to issue #50 or so, and another 2 dozen misc. issues of various The Authority (Wildstorm) series, which I've yet to read due to time.

Had to cancel all of my dental appointments for the month. The money just isn't there to take care of having the work done which involves having a lower plate made and two teeth extracted; an amount of $500. I had the extra cash put back for this work, but my wife still hasn't found a job, still hasn't received an unemployment check (which should have been here three weeks ago and with no explanation for social services), and our own tax return hasn't arrived, so this will just have to be delayed and the money used for living expensives until "better times".

Looks like Spring may finally make an appearance soon. Temperatures here in S-Central, Ky. seem to be be settling a bit and perhaps the coldest part of this Winter is past.


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