Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Post No. 685"

Yes, I'll admit. I'm just NOT a cold weather person at all. The 6 inches of snow that fell on us here today in S-Central, KY. wasn't to my liking, and I had to call in to work due to my car being buried in 12 inches of drifts. I did try to get on in a few hours later after they scraped the roads and my street, and I was able to finally shovel me a driveway out, but the boss said he was sending the other worker home after only 3 hours and that they were going to close early as they'd only had 2 people in the store in that time. Roads look much better now however and I definately plan on not missing another much needed day of work even if I have to walk the five miles there tomorrow. Don't have to be there until 10AM (Since it's Sunday), problems.

I spent quite a bit of time today out in this white, cold, wet mess just the same as I not only shoveled that drive, but my walkway out to the sidewalk, then went down to mom's and shoveled off her front porch, sidewalk and steps and her ramp, and even a path out to the drive. (Got to watch it at my age and make sure I don't over-exert.)

Since I did have a little extra time today I alphabetized 6 long boxes of comics. There was two each of Marvel and DC, and two misc. so far. Still have over twice that many to do when time permits and then I might actually make me a new inventory list and count, which would be the first time for such in better than two years.

Of course, the number of this could increase as if I can't sell the 8 to 9 thousand bronze to modern I'm trying to let go for the room, I may go back through those sometime and pull out a few others I'd really like to keep. At .15 each, there's some I'd just rather hang on to.

Took a couple of photos of this snow storm. The top one is from my front door looking across the street, and the second is a "snow angel" that my wacky wife (who's only a couple years younger than me) did early this morning in some strange attempt, I think, trying to recapture some of her lost youth. ("Silly rabbit. Snow is for KIDS!")

My gum's still sore from the tooth extraction and stitches now almost a week ago. Got to have the stitches removed Tuesday. I notice I've lost around 8 lbs. somewhere, but I expect it's due to not eating much in the way of solid food for the past week.

Hurry Spring!


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