Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Post No. 692"

Picked up the above shown comic this week, which is a Cheyenne Kid (Charlton) #8 (1958). Collecting older Charlton's, this is one comic I've never owned a copy of, and it's also the first issue of CK (the first seven issues being called Wild Frontier) and it's his 2nd. app.;his first beng in WF #7.

In fact, I tried to win a copy of Wild Fronteir #7 several times but always get outbidded on it. Just tried again here recently and those I was bidding against would skyrocket their bids to the point that they were twice what the comic's actually worth (according to Overstreet listings). Well, I'm one that doesn't mind paying wat a book's worth, but not twice as much even if I'd like to have it, and I'm sure another will pop up sooner or later at a more reasonable price.

Also won a couple of issues of DC's All-Star Comics (#'s 58 & 60) from the early to mid 1970's, which have a lot of things going for them that I like. Such as artwork by the great Wally Wood, plus app.'s of Golden Age DC heroes/heroines. #59 is also the first app. of "Power Girl". This was a continuation, of course, from the 1940's series which stopped being published in (I think) 1949, and the title lasted on up into the latter 70's issues, but really the best one's were te ones where Wood was involved with the title (which goes no firther than #65).
The other issues were readable and drawn just fine by Joe Staton, so's...if your a fan of his DC work...

And in other news...

Got up early today at my usual time of 5:30 AM and went down to my mom's at 7 AM to begin working on her new handicap ramp. I thought perhaps I could at least get it planked where she could use it by today. Surprizingly, I had it in that shape by 10:30 AM and all my mess cleaned up and tools put away by noon! I still need a couple of extra pieces of support, a hand rail on one side, and laying new indoor-outdoor carpet on the thing, but it looks pretty good. This time I used treated lumber which someone here locally just gave me (probably saved me a good $70.), so the only cost I was out was screws to hold it together. I'll finish that up in the next few days and one less project to contend with this year.


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