Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Post No. 695"

I finally got around to building a bench today from left over lumber and an old bed head I had lying around that I used for a backing board. Later on I'll post another photo of it when it's finished with paint and decorations for comparison sake.

Been busy today. Finally took off my cans for recycling. Had 38 lbs. and got a whoppin' $21. for them (better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick). I put that money aside for my upcoming vacation funds as I may get to attend my local comic book shop's "thingy" on May the 1st. which is "Free Comic Book Day" this year.

Got in a large lot, well, 15 different, trade paperbacks/graphic novels today. Got them as a steal for a mere $15. plus postage, which is a fraction of what they'd cost new. Some interesting stuff in them.

There's two different Kane collections by Paul Grist: "Greetings from New Eden", and "Rabbit Hunt", and these reprint the first 8 issues of that title.

Then there's two different Mike Allred "Madman" collections: "Madman Adventures" and "Oddity Oddyssey". Big fan of his work of course.

Three different reprint TPBs of EC's Shock SuspenStories: Volumes 2, 3 & 4, which collect issues of that 1950's horror title #'s 6 thru 18 (last issue).

Then there's Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta by Warren Ellis, and the Wildstorm Summer Special which also contains work by him.

And next, The Complete Ballad of HALO JONES by Alan Moore/Ian Gibson reprinting books 1-3 of their British stuff.

Then there also Kabuki: Skin Deep by: David Mack, The Black Forrest by: Liningston/Tennell/Vokes & Schiavano, Bulletproof Monk by: Michael Avon Deming, and Six by: Oeming/Berman & Beavers. Not familiar at all with these last four but I'll decide if I want to keep them or sell them after I read 'em.

Finally there was also a copy of Mike Gilbert'sMr. Monster Vol. 1, but I already had this one so it goes on ebay auctions this week with some other TPB's and the like I'm cleaning out. The copy I got did have the original tip-sheet (so I kept that).

Lotta good reading ahead for me.

Got some more projects I need to complete around this place. I want to finally do something with an old antique wheelbarrow my wife got from my cousin. Mostly it was a piece of junk, but I think I can rebuilt that and make it look pretty neat. Then I need to replace (or cover) one side of my garage where the boards look bad. Just last week I fixed the bottom of that same shop, but it needs some more work in other places.

Got around to once again going thru box after box of comics; things I don't consider part of my personal collections and had tried to sell before as "a lot". This time I pulled anything I wanted to keep, boxed them and marked the boxes as "NL" ("not listed",i.e.on my collection lists) and put them aside, and pulled well over 1,500 misc. comics for sale at yard sales and the flea market. I also removed any good/decent backing boards and bags from those books so I had an ample supply of that for a good time to come.

Tomorrow I need to take mom for a doctor's apointment. ( Busy, bust,busy...)


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