Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Post No. 696"

I'm a little amazed that this hasn't already been done, but I read recently that Archie Comics will introduce a gay character to their comic characters. isn't "Jughead". (Click on red link for story.)

Nice day here today although rain's predicted for later on this evening. Yesterday and last night we had 2-1/2" of much needed rain here in this region of South Central, KY. Bad part of that is the grass will be 8 inches tall again by the time I get around to mowing it again.

Saw the "Dr. Pepper" commercial for the "Iron Man 2" flick promotional and there's 89 year old Stan Lee in the background. That guy'll be 90 years old come the end of December, God willing. (Good for him!)

Went by the local flea market this morning and found a DVD of the "Daredevil" movie for $3. (yet another super-hero flick on DVD I can scratch off my want list), plus a nice conditioned set of 36 Greatest Hits of Patsy Cline. There's very little modern country music I enjoy, but I am a big fan of the rockabilly years of 1954 to 1959 or so. People like Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis,etc., and having this 3 disc set was definately the easiest way to go on getting everything the woman ever did that was any good.

Put a whole bunch'a listing on ebay this week of trade paperbacks and graphic novels (hey! Fred hembeck! There's "Dennis the Menace" stuff on there!) Everything's starting out pretty cheap so's...IF you're interested...just click onto the "My Auctions" link in the right column and it'll take you right there.

I finished work on that wheel barrow project. When my wife got this piece of junk the sides were rotting and all I could recover was the handles and antique iron wheel, so I literally had to rebuild the thing from scratch. But now I've got sides, braces, etc. on it and not only is it decorative, it's functional. Got most of my little wood-working projects done now except I still need to cover one side of my garage where it needs new wood or something to make that look better. Got to buy me some large pieces of plywood before I can do that however.

Still plan on starting my vacation next week.


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