Sunday, May 09, 2010

"Post No. 698"

And today is Mother's Day, so I'd like to wish my own mother, Georgia Lee Puckett, only the best on this her special day! The top photo is a recent picture I took of mom, and the second photo is of her and my 2nd. cousin Thelma (who lives next door to her) to whom I'd also like to wish a Happy Mother's Day! other things...

On the second day of my vacation I went down to mom's and trimmed her hedges (which were like, a foot too tall) and weed-eated around her house.

On the 3rd. day of my vacation, Debbie and I went to Bowling Green where she wanted to stop by "The Hobby Lobby" and pick up a few craft items for projects. I thought about stopping by the comic book shop there, but due to lack of funds, or maybe these days, a whole lotta lack of interest, I didn't. In fact, all I bought was a bag of "Circus Peanuts" to munch on while she was in the store.

In fact, after we left Hobby Lobby we headed back home stopping only once at a Minit Mart to get Debbie something to eat, and by the local flea market where we picked up a few flowers to plant both here at our house and at mom's. When I got home I took a gallon of white exterier paint and painted the new plywood I'd covered the side of my old garage with, retouched it's front doors, and then had to redo one of our side windows with new calk and paint. Then I went down to mom's to haul her garabage can around front for pick up and Debbie planted some of the flowers we picked up. Later we went and picked up her van at a closeby garage where the mechanic had been working on a defective gauge.

On day 4 of my vacation I retouched the paint on the building I repaired, touched up and recalked a front window, finished work on the inside part of the entrance way window I had worked on the day before, took my mom to the insurance office, spread ant pellets on the yard, and dug through the garage trying to find an item a friend of mine was interested in (with no luck so far).

On day 5 of my vacation, I slept until about 8 AM and got myself ready and went to the local flea market. I "thought" I'd hit the jackpot on finding various DVDs I'd been looking for, but the dealer wanted $5. each for them and so I passed. Went back later on a second thought that there might be a few in the lot that interested me enough to pay that price, but he'd since packed up and left. Then went out to the garage to try to find a item a friend of mine was interested in, but obviously it's been long since either sold on auction or sold in a lot group of toys and the like to someone over the years. Listed 3 items on my own ebay auctions. May have another to list tomorrow but I need to repair a leak in mom's roof with some pitch, go see Iron Man II, etc., etc. (it's never over.


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