Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Post No. 714"

Here on my 59th. birthday I reflect on how quickly times goes by. Seems like it wasn't so long ago I had a tenth birthday party, although that was waaayyy back in 1961, but I can recall the events of the day and the people who attended it so well. Guess I'd best enjoy this last year of my 50s as much as possible. At least I can look forward to only 3 more years before collecting my SS and perhaps cutting back the number of hours at work each week.

And, over on my Facebook page, I've created a seperate Album just for my artwork done over the past 40 or so years (the link to such is HERE). So instead of just having a link on this page to show a single piece of work occasionally, now one can see a multitude "over there". I'll be adding new pieces (and old) from time-to-time.

Business has picked up considerably at the retail store. The economy is either getting better, or people are just fed up with not spending any money. "Whatever", it assures me a steady paycheck.


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