Monday, August 02, 2010

"Post No. 716"

One of these days I'll learn how to count. This is actually Post No. 716 as I numbered 712 twice. Too tired to go thru the hassle of renumbering it on the posts, but anyway, that's the reason for no #715.


Watched two new flicks recently: "Clash of The Titans" and "Kick Ass".

"COTTS" is a remake of the one from 1980, and although it has some very impressive special effects, it lacks the personaility of the original film. The original used stop-action photography and was Ray Harryhausen's last big hoorah, and it's just a whole lot more memorable than anything I've seen in this remake (although there is a cute cameo about a half an into the film). It's worth the watch on a rental, but nothing I'd recommend spending hard earned buck over.

"Kick Ass", on the other hand, was very enjoyable and is a light-hearted attempt at a super-hero flick, but that doesn't mean I'd recommend you taking your kids to see it, merely because of the excessive violence in the film. The plot involves a nerdy type teenage boy who wonders "why" no one ever wanted to be an actual super-hero, so he tries to be just that. An accident actually leads to enhancing his abilities to do such, and he meets up with a couple of vigilante costumed "heroes" who takes vengence to the extreme. Yes, you'd want to pre-view this one as it's a heavy PG-13 type that I think perhaps is more enjoyed by the adult comic book collector than children.

In other news...

I've already gotten probably 30 good tomatoes from the four "Early Girls" plants I put out early this year , but only one so far from the eight "Jet Stars" I planted later on (in fact, I accidently cut down one of the latter while weed-eating). The EGs are really delicious, but not as large as a store-bought tomato; about the size of a tangerine. They make a good "sandwich tomato" if you use a couple of slices.

I mowed my back yard with the push mower today as my riding mower tore up (again) yesterday while I was going to mow my mother's back yard. Not sure what happened. It just started smoking and I turned it off, and then tried to restart it (which it did) and I could drive it back home with the deck disengaged, but it makes a bad chopping sound if I try to cut with it. Not sure if that dinosaur is worth even attempting to repair for a third time this year.

I believe I've found someone that will mow her yard pretty cheaply though, so perhaps all I'll have to worry about will be keeping my own yard in shape for the remainder of the year.


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