Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Post No. 718"

Who th' heck is Johnny October???

Recently I was looking through around 300 or so 45 RPM's I had put aside for a yard sale (ones I'd picked up in "lots" here and there cheap over the years) and came across a 45 RPM photo sleeve for Johnny October. I thought I was pretty well up on the doo-wop-type pre-Beatles era singers, but this one I must have completely missed. I didn't have the slightest idea as to who he was/is?

So I looked through everyone of those 45's, but could never find the actual record for the sleeve, which intrigued me even more more. Next I went to Google and found a music video (a link to which is HERE), and finally to Wikapedia for some information (which did no good).

But, from what I have learned, he was from Philadelphia and was the lead singer for a group called the "Four Dates" (which I only vaguely recall) circa 1959-60 and recorded 5 singles amoung which were "Growin' Prettier" and "Young and In Love".

So there you have it. Major enuff to be a minor heart throb of the time, minor enuff not to be much remembered. Whether he's still alive or not I haven''t the slightest clue (unless someone out there can tell me more).


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