Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Post No. 719"

I went and got mom's "Living Will" forms and Power of Attorney for myself today. We got that noterized and all that's taken care of. She's gained back most of her strength since being in the hospital with a bout of flu last week, and the swelling in her legs has decreased as well.

Used the push mower on my front yard last night. Oddly, there's only one side I ever have to rake as it just seems to always be thicker there. (May be due to the fact that's where the sewer lines run.)

We finally got a decent rain here locally both last night and today totalling over 2 inches. More in the forecast. We certainly need it since it's been so dry for so long, and it looks like mom's roof doesn't leak anymore (so I guess I actually fixed that knock-on-wood) and we can go ahead with the final repairs to her back room.

Temperatures have dropped as well. That day after day in the high 90's was really getting "old".

Stopped by the local book store today and bought 4 older comics: Spider-Woman V1 (Marvel) #'s 34 & 36, Hulk-Hercules Unleased (Marvel) #1 and The Huntress (DC) #1. The artwork in the Spider-Womans is by one of my favorites: Steve Leialoha. These, to me, was his finest work circa 1979-82 or so.

Haven't read the other two yet, but I'm sure I'll enjoy The Huntress. Been a fan of that character since the 1970's, and a Hulk-Herc' fest is always fun.

Also I won a lot of 30+ issues of the 1987 Justice League, including 10+ issues of J.L. Europe. Hope those come in shortly. It should give me close to half of the first 61 issues of the JL (which is as much as I care to collect).

One of the best things I've won this year in a 11" x 22" color print from 1977 of "The Wedding of The Phantom", signed by both Lee Falk and Sy Barry. Anxious for that to arrive so I can frame it for the pc/collection room wall.


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