Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Post No. 723"

Took my mother over to the foot doctor today and stopped by Wallyworld for her to buy a new battery pack for her telephone and myself a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, they didn't have the battery pack she needed, and I couldn't find a pair of shoes in my size (10-1/2 "Wide") to suit me, so that was pretty much a wasted stop. I did notice that in the kids department they had a pretty neat t-shirt that reproduced the cover to Justice League (silver-age series) #52. I "think" the largest size of that might have fit me, so maybe next time I'm there and feel like spending 7 bucks on it.

We did stop of McDonald's on the way home as it was well past lunch time and we both were feeling some hunger pains. I bought the only two remaining "Batman The Brave & The Bold" Happy Meal toys they still had in stock, which was a version of the current DC "Blue Beetle" (with flapping-wing action, and a retro-looking "Green Arrow" (that's supposed to shoot either a "boxing-glove" arrow or a reg. one, but I never could get those toys to work right). Others in that set include an Aquaman that throws a "ball of water", a "Black Manta" submarine that shoots a missile, "Plastic man" whose enlarged hand and hammer-like other one swings back-and-forth, a "Batman" that throws baterangs, a "Batmobile" with pull-back action and splits in half to reveal another vehicle inside, and "The Joker" that squirts water from his laple. The last three I'd probably like to have of that set just to add them to my "Bat-Stuff" collection.

Won a couple comic book lots that have yet to arrive. One has 26 misc. issues of The Avengers (post 2000 issues), and the other's a hodgepodge of 50+ Marvel & DC's mostly from 2002-2006 which included The Avengers, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Fantastic Four, Jonah Hex and The Invincible. So, a lotta reading ahead for me.

Finished mowing my front yard yesterday which included raking up leaves as well and mulching them. Autumn is only a week away, then it'll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and finally 2011. As usual, the year's flown right on by.


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