Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Accepting The Challenge"

In response to others listing their 100 Favorite Things About Comics on various blog sites, I am now taking up the challenge as well.

I've tried my best to NOT list things that I personally like/liked that others already have, although there's A LOT of those others have listed that I liked too! There's some that will be, however, 'cause they just meant so much to me as a comic book collector.

And, not to be out-done, actually I've listed One Hundred and ONE!

Here Goes:

"Herbie Popnecker"/The Great Comic Book Heroes by: Jules Feiffer/The 1957-69 artwork of Steve Ditko/Tower Comics/Al Williamson artwork/"The Bizarros"/Beatles app. in comic books/Fred Hembeck's "The Daily Planet" strips/Super-I.W. Comic super-hero reprints/Bacchus by: Eddie Campbell/The artwork of Mike Allred/The writing of Neil Gaiman/The Incredible Hulk V1 #'s 1 thru 6/he Rocket's Blast & Comicollector/Classics Illustrated/pre-hero Marvel fantasy tales/The Doom Patrol/"Star Hawkins & Ilda the Robot"/Lee-Kirby "Antman"'s/E.C. Comics/"The Merry Marvel Marching Society"/The "Supermen of America" Club/Daredevil issues drawn by: Wally Wood/D.C. Special #16 ("Plastic Man" by: Jack Cole)/Simon & Kirby/Jonah Hex/

Andru & Espositos's Wonder Woman/The Black Terror/"headlight" covers/Alex Schomburg covers/Al Fago's The Atomic Mouse/Not Brand Echh/Frazetta Ghost Rider covers/Mai, The Psychic Girl/Trina Robbins/Bill Woggon/Reed Crandall/Havings ALL my comics in alphabetical order/Having ALL my comics Bagged AND Boarded/Having enough LIDS for ALL my "long" boxes!/"Pop" Hollinger books/Free Shipping & handling on ebay wins/Finding comics on my "want list"cheap/Original Comic Book Artwork/Fanzines and The Small Press/A decent movie adaptation of a super hero/Omaha, The Cat Dancer/The Work of Daniel Clowes/"Cheech Wizard"/Fat Freddy's Cat, The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. & Wonder Warthog, by: Gilbert Shelton/Harvey Kurtzman/

Charlton superhero titles from the 1960's/D.C.80 Page Giants/The Amazing Spider-man Annual No.1 (1964)/Mike Kaluta covers/Alex Nino artwork/Tarzan & Korak issues by: Russ Manning/Fruitman Special No.1/Metal spinner racks/The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide/1960's re-introductions of Golden-Age super heroes/"Supergirl" stories drawn by: Jim Mooney/Biblical adaptaions in comic book format/Marvel's Essencials reprint TPB's/The 1960's Aurora & Revell super hero plastic model kits/"The Legion of Super-Pets"/"The Impossible Man"/The Dan DeCarlo issues of Millie the Model/Kirby issues of Rawhide Kid/Sarge Steel/Whitman 3-Packs/Rick Geary/"Sgt. Rock", drawn by: Joe Kurbert/Gil Kane inking his own pencils/The Flash V1 #123:"The Flash of Two Worlds"/Bubble-Gum Machine Marvel Mini-Comics/

WHAM-O No.1/DC & Marvel Treasury-Sized Editions/"Little Annie Fanny"/Simonson's "Manhunter"/Ennis/Dillon's The Preacher/Siegel & Shuster's Superman/Stan Lee/Will Eisner issues of The Armed Force'sP.S. magazine-digest/Bill Loeb's Journey/"Cynical Man", by: Matt Feazell/Advertisements for novelty items on the inside front covers/Justice League Unlimited animated series/Sin City, by: Frank Miller/Akira/Maus, by: Art Spiegelman/Alex Ross artwork/The old "Magazine Exchange" that was in Louisville, KY./Barbarella, by: Jean-Claude Forest/The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen/Kirby 4th. World titles/Vaughn Bode's The Man/Gil Kane's Blackmark paperback, AND His Name Is Savage magazine/Castle of Frankenstein comic book articles & interviews/Gahan Wilson & Charles Addams cartoons/comic book digests/

And #101: Fantastic Giants V2 #24.


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