Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"And A WET Tuesday"

Too many "things" happening in the news today, everything from a person's rights to "live" (if you want to call living in a vegatative state, "life"), to Blake getting off on a murder charge (looks like a re-run of the O. J. trial). So I'm going to just bite-my-tongue and not comment on any of it; just make me mad to talk about it probably, and perhaps many of you mad to hear what I really think about any of it.

So, let's talk about today.

After one month and 5 days mailed media from Chicago, IL. to South-Central, KY., a copy of Doom Patrol V1 (DC) #116 (1967) finally arrived in the mail after both myself and the seller giving up all hope of ever seeing it again! Geez! I could've walked to Chicago and back in that length of time! But, anyway, I'm very glad it finally arrived and that brings me down to just two issues (#'s 103 & 115) completing a set of the original DP run. The only other silver-age app. I need of the team would be the cameos in Teen Titans V1 #6.

Started in raining here early and I wanted to go outside and work on cleaning up around the house, trying to get this place back in shape from Winter. Finally went out in the rain anyway and took down part of the old insulation and weather board I had it and disposed of same. Got cold and wet, and I've just gotten over being ill here last week and didn't want to lower my resistance any more, so I quit that for the the time being and came back inside.
Want to get the yard looking better and maybe even plant some new flowers or the like soon, plus there's a load of small sticks and bark and the like that's blown off the old trees from the past season.

But my wife and I then began on Spring housecleaning, getting these floors clean, and dusting, etc., trying to get ready for the elimination of the old carpet in the living room and perhaps some furniture rearranging. Worked on that at least a couple of hours.

Then finally, the rain stopped and the sun poked it's head out for a while and I went back and finished up gathering all the leafs and small twigs and branches and got that hauled off and finished except for some old plywood I need to trash, which my wife had bought originally for craft projects, but now has gotten wet and warped and useless for that purpose.

Now we're going to try to relax the rest of the day, 'cause, it IS supposed to be a day OFF from work!

Been trying to figure out what exactly I want to do about having something better to put all my old l.p.s in. Currently I have from 250-300 albums and I've never been satisfied with the stand I have them in (actually a couple of different stands) so I'm thinking about getting rid of both of them, maybe giving one to my wife for the living room knick-knacks, and moving a large, tall, metal stand into this room instead to use as an entertainment center. I believe it'd be big enough for all the l.p.s, plus the turntable and speakers and my seperate CD/cassette tape deck and I could have all of that right in one spot. The trouble is that when I rearrange this room, I have to rearrange OTHER rooms as well due to limited space, or just get rid of something or put it in storage due to limited space. So, it's going to take some thinking before I finally decide on that solution. After all, this room already contains around 40 boxes of comics and magazines, three large and one small bookstands crammed to the hilt with paperbacks, hardcovers ,trade paperbacks and CDs, a metal "safe" crammed full, plus two small metal file cabinets, yet another stand for my scanner, the closet is packed as well, and there's my computer station and I even had to build shelves just for some plastic models and large action figures and the like!


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