Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"But Keep The Long Johns Handy"

A little cool today as Winter waves bye-bye for a while. Tomorrow's supposed to be in the 60's, and Friday even warmer, and now it's time for all the Spring rains to start. I look foreward to the warmer temperatures, but not the rain as in the past I've ended up with roof leaks that have ruined parts of my interior ceilings and caused the panels to weaken and fall. Hopefully I've got all of those leaks stopped, but...well, you just never know, huh?

Typical work day, today. We got in a LOT of new tools for my sections and half of the time I spent just trying to rearrange all of the space and peg boards for those items. Still didn't have them all put out by quitting time. I used to work myself to death to get all of that done, but anymore I have gotten to attitude that "there's always tomorrow" and it'll still be waiting for me, so...

Just about time for the new Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide to be available and I haven't decided if I'll buy a new one or not this year. From just one year to the other, only prices on current new "hot" stuff seems to go up much; the rest I figure at about 7% to 10% increase. But I might still let loose of $25. just for the articles. I DO like to keep up with any price increases on comics I have that are worth twenty-five dollars or more, and the OPG always reprints a lot of nice comic covers that are fun to look at, to see what you'd like to have, have had or already do own.


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