Friday, February 25, 2005

"LOOK! It's a ISB! (Identified Stable Blogger)"

Watched the 2 hr. special on ABC last night regarding UFO's. This was one of the better reports I've ever seen, simply because they didn't try to either prove or disprove their existence, or even explain what they thought they were, but it was their general opinion every time they refered to them as extraterrestrial craft.

It was nice to see that they openly admited on national television the way our government has tried to take away any interest on the matter and sweep all credible knowledge of the subject under the rug. But, you know...the government doesn't really care if anyone says that there's "cover ups" regarding such unexplained phenomenon. By their very denial that such sightings are anything other than weather balloons, stars, the moon, etc., they've been able to maintain that there's nothing to it. But, you gotta understand a government point-of-view.

What government wants to admit that there's something out there over which they have absolutely no control? 'Could cause a lot of panic among the populous, and retaining control over the population of the country is, well, what the government's all about.

I'm sure there are those in high office in this country that know exactly what UFO's are; they just feel that in general everyone here is too ignorant to accept the answer.

Okay. I know you're wondering---do I believe in UFO's? Well, since that stands for Unidentified Flying Objects, my answer would be a definate Yes, since anything that's in the air, is an object and I can't identify would qualify as that description. I believe in alien spacecraft, then?
I can only answer by saying, there's going to come "a day" when the truth IS told, and don't be so surprized when you find out that perhaps Flying Saucers are nothing like you thought they were. That they don't actually come from some star system thousands of light years from here and are filled full of grey, large-eyed aliens. They may just come from somewhere much closer to earth...but a lot more difficult (impossible for us, in fact) to get to.


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