Thursday, February 24, 2005

"The Day Off"

This day didn't turn out at all like I'd hoped it would. My wife and I had plans to have our taxes done today, but they were so busy all we could do was to drop them off and it'll probably be next week before we can actually pick them up. But, it wasn't a wasted day.

We take our tax statements/forms to an old friend about 45 miles from here and have done so for at least the past 15 years now because she does such an excellant job. She's so good in fact, that that's the reason we couldn't get them completed; she's got too many clients! But while we were in the neighborhood we went on by where my wife has crafts set up at an antique mall to begin pulling out our booth. She's tried other such malls in the past to sell crafts in, and they just aren't the right place to do that. Particularly a place like this one where you have competition with 800 other sellers (and she's just one of three people that share the booth)!

Personally, I feel that craft sales are dead as disco, but it's something that makes her happy, and she'll continue to do the occasional craft show during the year.

Plus we went by to visit my father-in-law for a little while and make sure he was okay. He had a run-in with the flu this past week, but now he's about over that.

While I was at the antique mall I looked thru the regular assortment of comics this one dealer has and pulled three books: The Legion of Substitute Heroes Special (DC) #1 (1985), DC Comics Presents (DC) #13 (1979) and Wally the Wizard (Star/Marvel) #1 (1984).

The LOSubH's Special was the usual fun work of Levitz and Giffen from a time period when they excelled on Legion titles. The DCCPs is also a Legion app., and appeared right before their first series began when Superboy V1 changed titles. I'm not a serious Legion collector these days due to the vast number of various titles, minis, etc. and other app.'s they've had since 1958, but I'll still pick them up when I can find them cheap since the series from Adventure Comics was something I never missed as a kid. (Even so, I'm sure I have somewhere between 150-200 app.'s of the team in one thing or another.)

The WtheW is, of course, Bob Bolling of Little Archie fame and one of three issues of that title he produced. I think it was the only one of the Star/Marvel children's line I ever bought more than 3 or 4 issues of. I've had all three of these books before in one collection-or-another, so it was nice just to get them again.

And I still haven't gotten new frames for my glasses, which was another thing I wanted to desperately do today due to the place I was going to not being open. (Rats!) So...eye-strain again for another week.


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