Tuesday, February 22, 2005

"Tuesday, Tuesday"

Rats! Got outbidded on a copy of Doom Patrol #103 yesterday. That's the way it goes. One thing about on-line auctions; you lose one day, there will always be another of the same on a few days later. Actually, I think I do pretty good with auction wins, figuring I win probably 75-80% of my bids, and in the 5 or 6 years I've been bidding, haven't received only a half dozen items. Not a bad percentage. I'm holding off on bidding on anything else for a while, at least until what I've already won has all gotten in (I think 7 different items) unless(*heh) I see something I want at a real bargain price. A person's gotta watch that: bidding on auctions can be rather addicting, and one needs to always make sure they're gonna have the $ just to pay for any wins they might accumulate (so I'm pretty careful about that).

Speaking of which, I got two great comics in today's mail: Action #252 (2/84) and Justice league of America #198 (1/83). Both of these are really great cross-over (guest-app.'s,whatever) DC Comics from the 1980's. I had won a JLA 199 a couple of weeks ago and didn't realize it was continued from the previous issue. It guest-stars such DC western characters as: Jonah Hex, Batlash, Cinnamon, and The
, and there was a recent episode of the Justice league Unlimited animated series loosely based upon the 2-parter (in which they substitued El Diablo & Pow-Wow Smith for the latter two). Decent storyline by Gerry Conway and more than passable artwork by Don Heck. The other book, Action 252 is a 2-Parter as well (253 is one of the books I'm still awaiting to arrive from a previous auction win) with more Silver-Age Heroes app.'s than you can shake a Yellow "S" at: Animal Man, Dolphin, Cave Carson, Congorilla("Congo Bill"), Rip Hunter & The Time Masters, Immortal man, Suicide Squad and the Sea Devils! PLUS, they're all fighting the immortal villian, Vandal Savage! Written well by Marv Wolfman and drawn with the delicious pencils of Gil Kane~what else could ya possibly want??

...on to other things...

First "rant" of the day: Don't we think there's actually too many federal holidays without making a New one? I noticed on the news yesterday that some congressman or the like has suggested we make seperate holidays to celebrate BOTH Washington AND Lincoln's birthdays? (That's all we need is yet another day off with pay for some (already) over-paid politician or federal employee.) And, Rant No.2:

Driving Courtesy: There's a subject I could dwell on for a while! I honestly don't know how so many bad drivers remain alive on the hwys these days. For example, just the other day I was stopped at a red light waiting for it to change, and the approaching driver facing me, just as soon as it turned green, made an illegal left turn in front of me, no turn signal...just went on her merry, ignorant way like nothing happened. Thankfully, I was paying attention and stopped in time to keep from slamming my vehicle into her. And I see things like this happening all the time. People that think a yellow light doesn't mean "caution", but instead, "speed the hell up and run that sucker before you have to stop at it", or people who just can't wait 3 seconds for you to pass in front of them, when there's no one else behind you for 5 miles, and just HAVE to pull out in front of you, then slow down to a snail's pace. And you wonder just how these idiots ever got a driver's license in the first place? It wouldn't bother me a bit to make it mandatory for everyone to have to take at least a written driver's exam every four years when they go to renew their license; I think it'd cut down on a LOT of accidents and deaths on the road ways. Probably 45% of those WITH license currently couldn't pass a test again if they had too. Also I feel that anyone that couldn't pass said exam should have their license suspended for a period of six months so they could contemplate on their ignorance and study to re-take the test. Each time they fail? Another 6 month suspension. Anyone with alcohol abuse problems, especially those caught driving under the influence, automatic suspension and a "two-times-your-out" deal on a license. And, where's the money going to come for all these exams and education and court costs and housing inmates? The Kentucky Lottery System, of course; you've got to save their lives and lives of others before thinking about using that money for educational value alone.

Rant No.3: Spam Telephone Calls. Although I've been supposingly on a "No Call List" for at least three months, I still average at least one telemarketer a day. Guess I'm going to have to start taking down their names, the name of the business they represent and their phone numbers and at the end of the month start reporting them.

But...enough preaching.
Well after nice temperatures yesterday here, it's dropped back down into the forties today due to the rain bringing in a cold front, and I think it's supposed to get even colder still, then another warm-up this weekend. Back-and-forth weather-wise this time of the year, which is normal for us. Eventually it'll just turn HOT and everyone will be wishing it was a day like this again!


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