Friday, May 06, 2005

"Day 4"

Ah,yes...Day 4 of my so-called vacation...

Well, I finally got my car back. Some wires had broken in two in the rear which had caused my tail lights and back turn signals not to work, so they're operable once again. However, the mechanic didn't fix the "thup!" in the rear because he didn't have the part, which is a suspension bolt which had broken on one side. He did tell me which kind to get so I went to the local parts house, where, naturally, one cannot purchase just the single bolt as they're sold in pairs. Anyway, I dropped $52. at the mechanic and was out of a car for 2-1/2 days, plus another $18. for the bolts so thus far I've invested $70. in repairs (not counting what the mechanic will charge me "sometime-next-week" to install the bolt).

And I went to a yard sale with my wife, but we didn't buy anything. The person there had some nice wood crafts (hand-made furniture and yard ornaments) but we felt he was too high. Did finally stop by and pick up both my paycheck for last week plus my vacation pay and deposited that.

Came back home and packed up the rest of my VSH tapes and moved the rack from the living room as we're going to paint that room next week(Lord knows it needs it!) Had all those boxes of tapes in the closet with my extra paperbacks, so I moved all of the tapes out to storage and covered them up safely, leaving just the paper items inside the house. I've finally got all of that about as straightened up and moved out for room as I can now. Looks better!

Haven't really rested that much this week, but that's typical of whenever I take "time off" from work. Seems like it's for trying to catch up on everything else that really needs to get done.

Was wanting to go to the comic store tomorrow for Free Comic Book day, but don't know yet if that'll happen. Wasn't planning on buying anything really while I was there, save maybe some backing boards and comic bags I needed. Maybe I can get someone else to pick me up some of the freebies for me instead.


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