Monday, August 22, 2005

"A Monday Post"

Really, you'd think that since it's been a good two weeks since I first did the "A Puck's Tale" blog spot, that by now I'd have some sort of comments.

It's not that nobody's recognized it. I've had plugs in two well known blogger spots that I know of for certain; yet, the comments box remains empty. So...maybe nobody cares for it? maye everyone that reads it thinks that no comments are better than ones that criticize? "Whatever". I'm giving it one full month and if by that time there remains no interest, I'll just delete it. Maybe I'll use that space for a while instead just to show some misc. pieces of artwork I've done and never pubbed.

In what little spare time I've had here lately, there's been no time to do any new artwork, however. I've barely had time to try to catch up on any reading. But I have managed to read the first 5 issues (finally) of the DC-Vertigo title: Fables. Why hasn't sumbodi told me this title is so good! I've stopped reading anything else just trying to absorb the decent writing contained within these comics!

And, in other news...I finally got in a copy of Walt Disney's Comics & Stories (Dell) #134 (1951) that I'd won last month on an auction. Sorta slow getting here. It arrived 1 day less than a month from the time the auction ended. The book is in Gd/VG shape I suppose; not as nice looking as the seller's scan made it out to be. But it's still a pretty nice collectable since it has a great Carl Barks' cover and Uncle Scrooge/Donald Duck story. I don't really collect WDC&S much these days, but I saw it at a cheap starting price and wanted it just because I've never owned or read this particular issue before; it's the first appearance of Uncle Scooge's old enemies, The Beagle Boys. But they only have just a cameo at the end of the story. The story mostly revolves around US finding out the BBs have escapes prison and are determined to rob US of his fortune, so Scrooge and Donald set about trying different ways to keep them from doing so. When they finally do appear in the last panel, they don't look a whole lot like we know them today. Their faces are more "dog-like" and sinister.

Another interesting comic I've gotten in is a Black Magic (Prize Publications) V7 #5 (1960), which intereted me mostly because Hitler is on the cover. Now I wouldn't think this odd if the book had been a war comic; but this isn't. BM is more of a sf/horror/suspense title by 1960, so I bought it mainly just because of this oddity.

With that BM I also won a copy of DC's Anthro #1(1968), which is the character's second appearance after being in an issue of Showcase. I always loved these Howie Post books! (Cavemen, Wooly Mammoths, prehistoric women "cat-fighting"; what's not to love?!)


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