Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Slow Times"

After three weeks with no rain, earlier this week we finally got a bit so I decided that I'd finally try to mow the yard. Now, this task usually takes me a little bit over an hour using a push mower. Not so this time. I started at about a quarter to 4PM and mowed probably 45 minutes and ran out of gas. So I came inside to cool off a bit. Then went back out again and refilled the mower and mowed for another 45 minutes...and ran out of gas again. And once again, went back inside to cool off.

It wasn't the heat it was the humidity sort of thing that kept dehydrating a person trying to work any outdoors yesterday. Plus the grass was as thick as artificial turf. I was literally either dragging the mower behind me, or pushing it extremely slow in a "penquin walk" to try to keep it from choking out (which it still did all the same, adding to the aggravation or having to restart it each time).

But finally about nightfall it was done, and I quickly cleaned out from under the mower, filled the birdbaths and watered the flowers and outdoor plants and filled the bird/squirrel feeders and was finished. And it was a good thing that I did do it yesterday because it came at least two heavy showers today which would have made it all the more difficult to mow (or I'd had to wait until it all dried out and done it on another day).

Along the way during all of this, good friend Dave Jones, aka "Johnny Bacardi" dropped by to deliver the current issue of Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witchboy (#3) which he's been kind enough to pick up for me on a regular basis (a title which when it's finished I'll give a review of here).

Outside of that not much new. Went by an antique mall where one dealer has several boxes of cheap comics and found two issues each of Animal Man, and Hex I didn't have. Went by my father-in-laws to fix a sensor on his security light and the one he bought was a bad one, so he had to take that back . I'll have to go back up there again sometime to once again try fixing it.

Slow at work today due to gas prices, being towards the end of the month and this current recession we seem to be going through.


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