Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Notes on Saturday"

Picked up a copy of the above pictured pc game at the local flea market today. It's called: Freedom Force VS. The 3rd. Reich, and it attracted me because it's done primarilly for those who enjoy comic books. In fact, the illustrations have a distinctive Kirby-esque look to them, all done by Robb Waters, which if you'll click on his name there it'll give you more information regarding him.

The interior box illustration really shows that "Kirby-style" even more so. This game comes with a booklet, of course, full of even more illlstrations in this style; most of which resemble Kirby work, and others more like John Byrne. It was released by Irrational Games in 2005, and there's since been a sequel made to it.

Re-watched the Constantine flick today, and after a second viewing I think I'd upgrade my opinion of this flick from a "fair" C to a passing "B"; it could have been so much more, but then, it could have been a whole lot less as well. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with this movie because I truely love the material on which it was based, but just never thought the changes made in the film, no matter how trivial they may have been considered by some, were ever a necessity.

Needing to order something from The Science Fiction Book Club to fulfill my membership obligation, I got in a copy of the trade paperback collection of the 2004 Dark Horse Comics' series, the Amazing Adventures of The Escapist, by: Michael Chabon. So far I've "waded" through about 2/3rd.s of the 150 pages of this and must say that so far I am unimpressed. Whenever I finish it I'll give it a review on this blog.


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