Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"To'Kill'A Tuesday"

My mental alarm clock woke me up early this morning even on my day off from work, so I got up and went into the living room and turned on "the tube", only to find the AMC Channel showing the 1961 Snow White and The Three Stooges (a bad flick even by MY standards). It's bittersweet to see the aging Stooges in their final years, but it's a flick I recall my folks taking me to the local Drive-Inn to see when I was 9 or so.

After yesterday's strange bout of weather, I'm thankful that at least it wasn't like March 22nd., 1968, when here locally we had a record snowfall. That was the year it got so mild in early March that I went with my dad to the local lake and actually went swimming due to it warming up the lake waters so much. Then, the bottom fell out and back to Winter again.

Seems like schools were out for at least three days (something that used to be a rare thing for them to do just from snow in these parts). Hard to recall "exactly" what I did during that time off, but I'm sure I sat on the sofa and watched game shows on one of the three or so channels we could pick up on what was (I think) my folk's first color t.v. in those pre-cable days, or put on some Beatles' music on the old record player.

I'm sure that I dug out a stack of comics to read, or even dared to drive downtown to our local drug stores to see what new titles were out on the stands that week. May have gone sled riding on my old flyer (which my mom still has to this day and uses as an outdoor decoration each Christmas).

I'm sure there were a lot of bad memories from that period of my life, but 40 years hence it's difficult to recall anything except the good ones.

Since it was cold and rainy like day, I pretty much stayed in all day until noonish, then went and mailed some stuff and stopped by the local book store where they have a spinner rack this one guy keeps filled with fairly modern comics he's purchased in lots. The usually run from $1.50-$3., and "occasionally" I actually find something worth reading. But today I was just bored and wanted to kill an hour with a few comics, so I looked through the rack and pulled out three books: Batman Gothic Knights 60 (2005), Marvel team-Up 144 (1984), and X-Men 164 (2005). This is the first issue I've ever bought of "Batman Gothic Knights", but, as with the other two comics, the cover looked interesting so I thought I'd give it a try. From the way it looked I thought Batman was fighting with "The Unknown Soldier" since his foe's face was covered in bandages, but it wasn't. It's a villian called Hush, which I'd heard about but never seen. An okay-type Bats tale with the villian capturing the wayne butler, "Alfred", just to get to "Bats".

The "Marvel Team-Up" has Spider-man (in his black Venon costume) and "Moon Knight". Even though I've always liked MK, this story was only the typical mid 80's Marvel so-so tale. It was inked by Mike Esposito, however, so I suppose it had "some" worthiness.

"The X-Men", a book I rarely ever buy at all anymore, looked pretty good from first glance as it shows "Wolverine" fighting "Sabretooth". Very misleading; didn't see this scene anywhere within the pages.

And...so much for Tuesday.


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