Saturday, March 25, 2006

..."And a Bad Saturday"

It always seems to happen right after I have a decent day off, that the next day's always very hectic at work. Today was no exception, with my part-timer "help" calling in sick and leaving just two of us to do a day's worth of work equal to all the weekdays put together.

If it wasn't someone wanting to purchase a trailer, it was someone else wanting something from the back, and the hecticness lasted right up until the time of closing.

No one had gotten coin change for us, leaving us to "rob" the soda machines just for quarters, and having finally to find a person to go to the bank before it closed at noon.

We had times where only one of us could be in the store due to having to help someone outside, or trying to eat our lunches; just the same old general BS of which I've become accumtomed to having at times there.

The weather didn't give us much of a break either with it never getting out of the 40's, and actually snowing just a bit off and on. Tomorrow I predict will be more of the same, and Monday the usual "nightmare"of restocking. I'm counting down my days until Vacation Time.


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