Friday, March 24, 2006

"A Good Friday"

Went to visit my father-in-law today in the rehab center, and I must say that he's doing better than expected. He's lost 25 lbs., and he's still pretty ill from both the operation and other cancers in the abdominal area, but I believe he'll behin chemo and radiation treatments in the coming weeks. We (my wife and I) had a very nice long visit with him today and he's in the best of spirits. Your kind thoughts and prayers towards him (Bill Gibson) would be apprectaed.

After the visit we went by both Wallyworld and the antique mall. At the former, I found yet two more of those digest-size magazine B&W reprint editions Marvel published in 2005. This time it's: Hulk: Smash (which reprints the original Hulk series from 1962-63, #'s 1-3), and X-Men: Children of the Atom (which reprints the original 1963 issues of #'s 1-3). This is five different ones of these I've discovered so far, with the others being reprints of Fantastic Four, Spider-man & The Avengers.

At the antique mall I found a number of items of interest to me. For one thing, a DVD copy of the flick Sin City, which I've wanted since it's release. Cost me a whole lot less as well than attempting to buy one that wasn't previously viewed!

Also picked up about 20 comics from the bronze to modern age. The more interesting ones included the following:

Action(DC) 565 (Giffen "Ambush Bug" app.)

Airboy And Mr. Monster (Eclipse) 1

Andromeda (Andromeda Press) 4 (1978)

Dalgoda (Fantagraphics) 1 (1984) Always loved that series!

DC Presents (DC) 72 (Superman/Joker/The Phantom Stranger) & 80 (Supes & The Legion)

The Demon L. S. (DC) 1 (by Matt Wagner)

Eclipse Monthly (Eclipse Comics) 3 (with Rogers work)

Jonah Hex (DC) 34 (a "Christmas" cover!)

Night Force (DC) 13 (Origin of "The Baron")

The Omega Men (DC) #1

Son of Ambush Bug L.S. (DC) 4

Star*Reach (Star*Reach Publ.) 13

Superman V2 (DC) 21 (1st. full app. of the "Matrix-Supergirl"!)

and Time Bandits Movie Adaptation (Marvel) 1 (with George Harrison credits! Another book for my Beatles in Comics Collection!

So, all in all, a very nice Friday off from work.


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