Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Okay...It's Your Birthday"

So? He's 64. Big deal. Yeah, I really appreciate everyone reminding me of my own lost youth here! It's not that I don't wish Sir Paul McCartney A Happy Birthday, 'cause I do. But really, I think people are making just a little too much out of this whole thing.

And it's all because he wrote a song, "When I'm 64", that they're doing just that. If he'd never wrote such a song, everyone would probably be "celebrating" more when he turned 65...or sumthin'.

Lines such as, "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?"

Well obviously we all still need Paul. He's the only great talent left from The Beatles these days. ('Course, it's also obvious that Heather doesn't need him, but that's a whole different story. Perhaps with her he should have remembered lyrics from another of his songs, which goes: "I should have known better with a girl like you!"*Ouch!*)

"Will you still feed me?" Are you kidding? You've got more money now than The Beatles ever made collectively. Best to feed ME a while, Paul, since I've bought and supported and fed you since 1964.

In fact, the above photo is from the cover of the monthly AARP magazine for their subscribers, which has a lengthly article on Paul and The Beatles, along with several photos. "Why" Paul would even NEED AARP to help pay health cost bills is beyond me, but still, he's a member. One thing I can say is that he looks every day of that 64 years. The cover photo is certainly not very flattering at all.

Then, there is also this question as to "who" Paul was speaking to in the lyrics of that little ditty? As also, there's a question as to the time frame in which these lyrics were first conceived? Could he had been speaking with his first wife? Could it had been a lover, instead? Lines such as, "Write me a postcard, drop me a line stating point of view"...could mean that it was someone he'd met on the road. Whomever it was, he was serious about his questions by stating "you'll be older too. Grandchildren on our knees..." meaning he wanted to wed and spend his life with this person. (I'm sure Paul won't tell.)

However....I rather like to think he was talking to his fans, who dearly loved him at the height of his popularity, and Paul wondered if 40 years down the road IF they'd still NEED him?

So, like I stated above, yes indeed we DO still need him, and I do wish Paul to be around when he's eighty-four (Ringo as well!)


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