Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"ELMO Says It ALL!"

Yes...I'm afraid that this is indeed Post #400 here on "Elmo's Junction" since I first began embarrassing not only myself but others first back on May 16th., 2004.


And what's even MORE amazing to me is that people still read this blog; some even on a regular basis!

Since this blog began I've had well over 10,000 different visits from you folks out there. I guess "someone", somewhere must be getting a little kick out of what I have to say. This isn't really a "large" number of visits considering how many have visited other blog sites, but I still feel it's somewhat of an achievement, which makes it all worth while to me.

I've covered a lot of ground in these past 3 years and 4 months. It's difficult for me to think of anything I've yet to touch upon even if it was just a little. Seems like I've rambled (ranted) on about everything from my personal life to religion to politics to music to comics to films to UFO's. But I hope there's still a lot left in me to fill up (waste) a few minutes of both your and my life for a long time yet to come. So...Thank You for being around for this journey. (Thanks for reading this blog, as well as my other blog, "Beatles & Bizarros"!)

Hope you'll hang around.

Well, my wife and I went back up to the house of my late father-in-law's to do what is probably the last job of attempting to clean up the estate before the upcoming auction on October 6th.

We did more cleaning on the interior of the house, then went out front and worked for quite a while trimming trees, scrubs, weeds, etc. Wanted to stop by Waldenbooks while up there but we were really just too hot and tired from all of this work and passed on going anywhere else save by a Quik-Mart for something cold to drink and a snack, then returning home.

My neice (by marriage) told us that if we wanted anything else from the house that we'd best get it today because the auctioneer is coming tomorrow to start boxing up things. While my wife looked through momentos, I re-checked the old l.p.s and grabbed a handful more of the ones with "big band", jazz, and some others like beach Boys, Cream and Fleetwood Mac.

And either later on today or Thursday (which is my next day of and maybe with some cooler temperatures to work in), I plan on finishing up the walkway with the brick trim. I bought a trench shovel, so perhaps that'll make the task a little simplier. As far as I know, that'll be my last project for this year around the house on improvements. I did remove the frame-work from the walkway and it seems fine, save that I still see a little low spot, but there's no way I'm ripping up those stepping stones and redoing the whole thing again. In all, I used over 6 bags of Quik-Crete mix to do this 9 cubic yard project.

Even though I didn't buy any new comics, I did get a few older ones in that I'd bought; three bronze-age DC Giants, which were Superman Family #169 (the last 100 Pager issue in that title), and Super DC Giant #'s S-14 & S-15 (which were both westerns and released with the same cover date). I didn't recall that the SF's had "Tales of The Bizarro World" reprints, which tends to make me wonder if ALL of those did in the early issues of that title? Probably need to check that out and list it on on "B&B"s site sometime.

The SDCG's both have Joe Kubert covers with new Gil Kane artwork, plus kane, Infantino, and the like reprints mostly from the 1950's. A sign of a great comic book artist is their ability to draw just about anything, and Infantino and Gil Kane sure do fit that catagory as their western stuff looks just as good as their superhero. (And Joe Kubert's no slouch either!)

And finally today...I guess by now most everyone's seen this new commercial where a stoned teenage girl walks into the kitchen and her dog starts talking to her, asking her not to smoke pot because he likes her better when she's not high. Now---I'm sure that this commercial was done by some well-meaning folk out there hoping to get kids not to do illegal substances. However...they certainly don't know much about tokers, and this just isn't very realistic ("talking dog", withstanding).

Here's how the conversation would probably go between two people who smoke pot.

"Hey, Man? Last night I smoked some dope...and MY DOG talked to me!!"

"Wow, man! That sounds like some really heavy sh*t! Where can I cop a lid of that stuff?!?"

(*heh*) Good-nite, all.


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