Thursday, September 06, 2007

"How I Spend My Day Off"

I just got back from yet another day of trying to clean up that mess at my late father-in-law's house. While my wife vacuumed the interior of the house, I cleaned out a side shed which he had full of junk, old bee hives, wood, trash, etc. I finally found that box of old newspapers in the garage. It was in a wooden orange crate literally falling to pieces. As I figured, it wasn't much. Probably 100 old newspapers from the 1930-40's, but they were religious (Catholic) newspapers, thus no comic strips, and much of those in very fragile, brittle condition. In fact, had he not wanted me to have them, I'd probably would have just left them there. Some are interesting just on a historical nature with much WWII material. I did find 3 issues of Grit from 1964 with a few comic strips ("The Lone Ranger", "Donald Duck", etc.) still intact and in nice shape.

Also I found some old l.p.'s, but nothing really special save for maybe the jazz ones (which I'm a fan of), and several "Big Band" types (Glen Miller, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman). There were some others like Bread, Glen Campbell, Jim Croce, Jerry Lee Lewis, The BeeGees, etc. I kept. There was even a copy of "Everything's Archie", the jacket of which was in crappy condition, but the l.p. was there. The heart-breaker was the jacket to The Rolling Stones "Out of Our Head" (in mono), but look as I did, no l.p. It's probably there in that mess yet somewhere. I'd say there's probably 300 l.p.s still there (and maybe 200+ cassettes)and perhaps if they put them all in one big lot at the upcoming auction (October 6th.) I might bid on them.

On the way back I stopped at Waldenbooks and was able to use a $5. coupon Borders sent me on new comics. This week I picked up new copies of: Batman (#668), The Last Fantastic Four Story #1 (One-shot),Detective (#835), Futurama (#32), Superman (#666!), and Wonder Woman (#11). And, of course, I'll review those soon.

Then my wife and I stopped at a few yard sales on the way home (but nary a comic book in sight at those). September 6th. thru 9th. is a "200 Mile Yard Sale" stretching between Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky, so there's several people set up. I found one of those re-issues Revell did of the "Frankenstein: Monsters of the Movies" models still sealed and unassembled for a couple bucks, and a "Masters of the Universe" fold-out metal serving tray (for fifty cents).


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