Monday, September 10, 2007

"Gone now, the White Elephant"

If you'll recall sometime back I first started writing about The Owens Hotel, a structure built here in my hometown in 1908, but had been vacant for many years, and with no available funds that would actually cover the complete restoration of this building, it had fallen into much despair. So much so that earlier this year it was announced that the building would finally be torn down.

Then just a little while back I told you of how I went and got 100 or so bricks from the ruins to save to reconstruct my sidewalk, just to save a bit of that old place in my memories.

Well, today they finally got around to about completely demolishing the old thing. As I drove by there tonight, all that I saw still standing was one section of a wall. It's a bit sad to see this go as for my entire life I've always seen it stand there, and I know I'll miss it, but really, it was long overdue. In as bad a shape as this was and at an unimaginable cost it would have taken to restore and then maintain the building, these funds would be better spent on actually improving this town.

It was a shame, however, that The old Gorin Store building was completely torn down due to the front part of this building being reconstructible and restorable. Plus it was on the historic record as the oldest structure in Horse Cave, KY. (built in 1848) that was ever used as a business (a general store). Another shame was the destruction of The Towns Motel which was a decent livable shape when torn down this year just because the bank next to it wanted a larger drive-thru. one really cares about their heritage here anymore, making the upcoming "Heritage Days Festival" here (this weekend) seem quite hypocritical.

("And that's all I got to say about that.")

On to other things... I finally won a copy of The Forever people #11, completing my Kirby 4th. World titles from the 1970's. Still got a little handful of DC 70's Kirby stuff I want to look for, but the four main titles were the killer collections that have taken me around a year or better now to complete.


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