Monday, September 17, 2007

"The Middle of My Work Week"


It always gives me a kick to see something I've never seen before, especially some sort of animal or insect, which was the case today when I was at my elderly mother's house, just finishing up mowing her lawn, and right at dusk.

She had just come back from the grocery and I was helping her unload her grocery bags from the car, when I noticed what appeared to be a very small hummingbird flittering around in her garden drawing nectar from one flower, then the next. But, upon closer inspection, I discovered it wasn't an bird at all, but "something else". It looked like some sort of unknown insect.

So's....I do a Google search for "hummingbird-type-insects", and actually find a photo of it! And Here that is. We were seeing a hummingbird hawk-moth, which, although seen in the Americas, is native to Europe and Japan, and migrates occasionally. So this was sort of a rare sighting, which neither my mom or I had ever seen...which makes it pretty neat (at least to us!)

And the reason I haven't blogged as much the last few days it, of course, my work schedule. I'm in the midst of yet another 9 day in a role work week. I began this last Thurday and it goes thru next Friday when I finally get my first full weekend off this month. My wife and I are just ships that pass in the night here lately. Between my work shifts, plus my wife pulling some doubles, plus she's setting up at various craft shows the past few weekends, we have little social life together.

This past weekend here in this town we had a festival, and she did extremely well selling her craft items, so I'm not complaining, mind you. It was a good thing she did since today she had trouble with her van off-setting some of the profits she's made, when the starter went out, and that was over $100. to get fixed.

Haven't bought any new comics this week, but sure got hold of a LOT of old ones, or, at least old in the aspect of the past 10 years or so, when I purchased just at 120 misc. Gladstone, Disney and Gemstone titles such as Walt Disney's Comics & Stories, Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. 55 of these had a cover price of $5.99-$6.99, so for a mere $35., I did well! I counted 16 different issues with Don Rosa art & stories just in the Uncle Scrooge lot, and I know there's more in the WDCS lot. Lots of these had Carl Barks reprints as well, so there's a lotta good reading ahead for me in these.

Then I got in a couple of different lots of DC's 1980's title, Secret Origins V2, bringing my set to just needing a clean dozen to complete from its 50 issue run. One of the best efforts from DC in the 1980's with a multitude of great artists and writers and many different DC characters.

Finally, I got in a copy of Forever People V1 #11 just today, which leaves me with only a #1 to complete that set (and that should arrive soon, and which will also finally completing my 4 major Kirby 4th. World titles from the 1970's).

So I've been sitting here reading comics and listening to some of my favorite music, mostly jazz, the likes of Sarah Vaughn, Clifforn Brown, Errol Gardner, Oscar Peterson, Milt Jackson, Art Tatum, and others. Good stuff to relax to, especially after my 9-1/2 hrs., plus mowing day.


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