Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Shopping Day"

I'd hate for this to sound like an outright plug for Wallyworld, but I must admit that they have a pretty decent selection of "super-hero-type" t-shirts currently for sale at $7.99 each.

Today I saw two different DC designs; one in red of "The Flash" logo and symbol, and another in green of the "Green Lantern" symbol. Plus many Marvel ones; a few of group shots and some of individuals. One of the group shots probably has around 50 different characters, and another maybe 30 different ones and has "The Thing" playing poker with some of the heroes. Then there's one with Jack Kirby artwork with large "MARVEL" letering and below it drawings of "Spider-man", "The Falcon" and "Captain America". yet another has 6 or 8 different squares, each with a different character and by various Marvel artists. There's one of "Spider-man" with Steve Ditko art, and another of just a red-outline of him against a black background. Also I noticed ones of "The Silver Surfer", "Wolverine", "The Ghost Rider", and (the above) "Iron Man" (which I purchased for myself).

All of these are authorized, and they carry many other interesting designs besides super-heroes, such as ones based on "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy", and rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. And, of course, various well-known logo types or unusual quotes and sayings-types. Shame their selection of super-hero action figures these days doesn't match the variety of the shirts.

I also bought today, the final issue of Weekly World News (dated 8/27). Sorta hate to see this silly newspaper-type rag go just because it always gave me such a good laugh while waiting in the checkout line at my local grocery. I must say that they really went all-out to make this final issue memorable. Even on the cover it's pretty funny where they stated, "Buy It Today; Sell it on Ebay Tomorrow!"

Hillarious stories in this last issue include such as Hikers who eat their own bodies to stay alive, a gigantic lobster being caught, a baby delivered inside of an avocado, a "fly-eyed" baby, an elev year old foiling aliens, ghosts that come out in the daytime, a "pet' tomato, puppies found on the Titantic, "Manigator" (1/2 man-1/2 alligator--What else?), a female superhero shattering a glass ceiling, God speaking to a tourist through a "burning bush", & a woman taking photos of Hell.

One of the funniest side stories involved a 55 year old fisherman who encounters the "abominable snowman". After the snowman shared his trout with the fishman and talked with him, the old man petitioned his government to change the name to the Congenial Snowman! LOL!!!

And this issue also has a full page of new artwork by Sergio Argones, and half page comic strips of "Spycat" by Ernie Colan and "The New Advs. of Bat Boy" by Danielle Corsetto. For $2.99, a lot of last-time laughs! Give dat puppy a "A+"!

In the mail today I got my copy of Mister Miracle #1 (1971) which completes my full set of 1 thru 25. I was amazed at the extremely high grade this issue was in as I sort of expected the regular VG/VG+. But this one was in VFN! Even in an Overstreet price Guide of 3 years past it graded as such for $50., so I did pretty good for my $9.00 investment. So good to finally have a full set of these again, and when some of the other Kirby comics I've won get here and complete those sets of his 4th. World stuff, I can concentrate on some other titles.

My father has been released from the medical center some 40 miles away and brought back to the local nursing home, making it much easier on my mother and myself to visit with him. He seems calmer and even a bit more coherent, but that may just be the medication of course. As usual, we've been taking this just a day at a time.

And finally, but not the least important, today marks six full years since the 9/11/2001 Attacks. Our country survives. Life goes on.


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