Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gas, Crass, & Re-Hash"

Well... I was going to rant about how silly a new law that's been passed in the next largest city south of here (Bowling Green, KY., which is the home of Western Ky. U) where one can't smoke outdoors in their public park (except in the parking lot), although all of those "good intended" folk don't want to ban the SALES of tobacco products in their city (much like they complain about drunk drivers there, but when they voted out the country "dry", they left the city "wet"), but that's a mute point anyway. I used to think that I'd really like to move back to BG because of the fond memories I had living there in 1977-79. Not anymore.

Back then they had an active town square, a great old Woolsworth, etc., etc. Now all gone. In fact, the only place that draws me there anymore is The Great Escape Comic (Record-Tape) Shop where I sometimes go to buy comics-both new and back issues-but that's usually just when they have a good sale going. And, honestly, I haven't visited one of their public parks in many a year. other's finally happened at work. You may recall my mentioning previously that sometimes only one of us works the entire shift (9-1/2 hours) in retail per day (like I did today). Now the owners have cut back the store hours 30 minutes, and perhaps even more depending on how future sales go. It's this gasoline that's killing everyone. With local prices so high that one can't even afford to drive themselves to the poor house, all one can do is go to and from work. Today gas prices hit a high of $3.70 gal. at the Interstate stations, and no less than a nickle away from the interstate areas. I saw where one auto manufacturer is offering a three year gas card with the purchase of a new vehicle that allows 700 gal.s a year to be no more than $3. per gallon (just to boost their sales).

Been reading a really good TPB collection from Image. It's Volume 4 of Paul Grist's old series, Kane, which is crime-drama and really excellant. That guy can draw and write anything, I tell you what. One of dem "A+" reviews from me on this material.


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