Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Reviewing: The new Blue Beetle-Part 3/Conclussion"

Reviewing and summerizing issues of the new DC Blue Beetle title No.'s 15 thru 25:

In #15, Jaime Reyes decided he needs a better handle on how to best use his BB armor and pays a visit to STAR Labs to see if they can help him figure it all out. When he gets there, however, he's been detected as a U.F.O. and is met by guards. His suit automatically armors up, and out comes "Livewire", who has gone there via Superman's request (demand) that they help her control her own power.

But rather than fighting BB, she starts feeding off of his energy giving the volumpuous LW a charge of her own (if you get my drift, there). Superman shows up and gets things straightened out and in the end, he and BB fly off together on a little training mission.

In #16, BB battles yet another victim of the "Eclipso curse" and calls in for help with his sorceress girl friend, Traci ,who welds one of the most powerful and ancient weapons on earth: The Staff of Aaron (Yes, The Staff of Aaron which transmutes The Power of God), and between them they take care of the situation, ending the tale with a bit deeper involement between the two romantically.

In later issues we find BB fighting the likes of "Giganta", trying to face down The Spectre, and eventually fighting and defeating "The Reach"( the inventors of the technology of his own armor). He has a LOT of help from such heroes as The Peacemaker, Guy Gardner, Fire & Ice, Danni Garret (the original BB's neice), and Booster Gold. And he even has help from his own mother and father who have come to terms with Jaime being a real hero; not "just their boy", but now a young man.

Thus with #25 it reaches the end of a continuing storyline that was set in issue #1. All of these issues are at least "good", MOST are very good, and some just downright excellant. If I could find anything at all to complain about it would be that they need a regular artist back on the series. Not that the ones they've chosen were bad as all of the artwork has indeed been at least passable. If I could choose one artist from the lot that I like the best it would be Rafael Albuquerque (but that's just because his style appeals to me personally the most). And even the guest writers have presented some decent and entertaining stories.

I think DC has real winner with this character, even if he did come out of a lame series such as Infinite Crisis (just shows there's "some" good in all things). Do I smell future JLA membership?


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