Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Post No. 577"

(Caption to the above cartoon: "Yes, it looks like a duck, but I'm waiting to see if it can really Quack!")

Sat around and watched the 1981 Swamp Thing flick the other night when I was off work. Hadn't watched it all the way through in some time, but got to thinking about seeing it again after winning that copy of ST#1.

Although the makeup is pretty hokey these days (especially on the way "Arcane" looked after taking the bio-formula), it was an alright flick for its time and I seemed to like it fairly well the first time I saw it at a local cinema. After all, we got to see a quick nude shot of the ever-lushess Adrenne Barbeau's 1981 body, plus a shot or two of a soaked and very-thin dress clinging to her ample form a couple of times (probably the actual highlights of the movies).

The origin was fairly close to the one presented in ST #1 (1972). I was thinking they credited Len Wein and Berni Wrightson somewhere in the credits, but didn't seem to see it this time through.

The most difficult thing to believe about that flick is that it was made 27 years ago, which is less than half of my age presently. In fact in 1981 I was just turning 30 and still young and strong and brash enuff to whip sumone's ass and make his mama hold my jacket while I was doing it. Working at a P.Hut and playin' "Pac-Man". ("Doss were de days".)


But...enough of that silliness.

I'll tell folks here but not mention it on my eBay listings until next time I re-list, but anything that didn't sell even at $9.99 last time will be reduced by half when the rest of the items I've currently have on ends in a few days. That'll means one could get as many as 50 different comics on my listings perhaps at the minimum bid of $4.99, a mere ten cents per book plus postage. Next time I list there won't be anything listed that's more than $4.99, in fact, and after that reduced listing's over, I'm done with it again for a while as well as sales seem to be slowing back down again. (And, of course, if there's anyone that lives close enough that they want to come and just pick them up in person there won't be any postage fees at all.)


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